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Revolutionary Soldiers of Lincoln County, Kentucky

img_0922Tuesday Ritchey and I decided to visit several courthouses in the surrounding counties, particularly looking for marriage bonds, but obtained a few wills in the process, too.

We started in Standford, the county seat of Lincoln County, one of the three original counties formed in 1780 from what was then Kentucky County, Virginia.  Our first stop wasn’t actually the courthouse!  One needs nourishment for such a journey that we would have that day, so we enjoyed a sumptuous breakfast at the Bluebird Cafe – two blocks away.

Once we arrived at the courthouse we found many, many old records, which will be shared at a later date.  On the front of the courthouse, beside the door, was a plaque listing the Revolutionary soldiers of Lincoln County.  I wanted to share those names with you today!

img_0923Lincoln County Revolutionary Soldiers

  • John S. Alverson
  • John Bailey
  • James P. Barnett
  • Robert Barnett
  • Alexander Blaine
  • Gideon Bosley
  • Benjamin Briggs
  • William Bruce
  • Benjamin Burch
  • Adam Carpenter
  • Conrad Carpenter
  • John Carpenter
  • John Colyer
  • Peter Curtis
  • James Davis
  • John Dinwiddie
  • James Divin
  • William Dougherty
  • Samuel Duncan
  • James Durham
  • George Edwards
  • Robert Elder
  • Abraham Estes
  • James Estill
  • John Fleece
  • Micajah Frost
  • Richard Gaines
  • Anthony Gale
  • Isaac Garven
  • George Givins
  • James Givins, Sr.
  • Robert Givins
  • Bartlee Greenwood
  • William Graves
  • Joseph Hackley
  • Joseph Hall
  • Drury Ham
  • Nathaniel Hart
  • Luke Hazelwood
  • George Helm
  • Marquis Helm
  • James Hickman
  • George Hocker
  • Nicholas Hocker
  • Phillip Hocker
  • Samuel Hocker
  • William Hughes
  • Richard Hunt
  • Stephen Huston
  • James Knox
  • Benjamin Logan
  • David Logan
  • Hugh Logan
  • John Logan
  • William Logan
  • Rodham Lunsford
  • Daniel McCormack
  • Joseph McCormack
  • Dennis McKinney
  • Mark McPherson
  • John M. McRoberts
  • Garret Menefee
  • James Menefee
  • Henry Miller
  • Isaac Miller
  • Ezra Morrison
  • Benjamin O’Banner
  • Thomas Owsley
  • William Owsley
  • Alexander Paxton
  • John Paxton
  • James Peak
  • Jesse Peake
  • John Pemberton
  • Valentine Peyton
  • James Renick
  • Dunn Salyas
  • William Sampson
  • William Shanks
  • Isaac Shelby
  • Joseph Skidmore
  • Abraham Sublett
  • Moses Sweeney
  • Benedict Swope
  • John Taylor
  • Andrew Wallace
  • Peter Warner
  • William Whitley
  • Joseph Withers
  • Caldwell Woods


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  1. Thank you so much for this article. My direct ancestor on the list is Moses Sweeney. He came to the American Colonies from Northern Ireland and lived in Virginia where he served in the Revolutionary War. He lived near Stanford KY and his original home was still standing until a few years ago. Across from the original home, Moses Sweeney was buried in the small family cemetery that is currently well tended by family descendants. He has many descendants living in the area and many other states.

  2. 4x great grandfather Samuel Duncan. Thank you! Looking forward to seeing the records you found at the courthouse?

  3. I’ve just discovered your post. I’m trying to establish Richard Hunt, my 4th ggf as new patriot in my DAR lineage. Do you know which DAR chapter posted this plaque and when?

  4. Thanks, I have 6 ancestors on the chart and have never looked at the placard. I’ll have to go across the street to the courthouse to see it next week.

  5. Wonder how the names were decided on for the plaque? Joseph Greenwood signed his permission for daughter Margaret to marry John Boren here in 1802. He was a Delaware Continental, went on to file for an old age pension which is on Fold 3. I’ve looked to see if there’s a connection to Bartlee Greenwood but have not found one.

  6. I wanted to thank you for posting this. I am looking for docs showing Marquis Helm was in the Revolution. I am on but nothing is showing for him as a soldier even though his cousins are Capt Leonard Helm and Major Thomas Helm and they show living in the same areas Virginia and KY.

  7. I see Marquis Helm has an * by his name indicating there is a will for him there. How would I go about seeing it. It is not on as of yet.

  8. Thank you for a wonderful article. Luke Hazelwood was my great, great, great grandfather of the Revolutionary War.

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