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1797 Will of Ambrose Nelson – Garrard County

The county of Garrard was formed December 17, 1796, so we can understand Ambrose Nelson saying he was from Mercer County in his will written just six weeks after the formation of the new county.  Garrard was formed from parts of Lincoln, Madison and Mercer.  I believe Rhoda Nelson’s maiden name to be Daniels.

Will of Ambrose Nelson

Garrard County Will Book A, Pages 1-3

The 29th of January.  I Ambrose Nelson, of Mercer County, do make and ordain this my last will.  Viz, I give and bequeath to my beloved wife Rhoda Nelson a Negro girl named Sarah, with all her future increase, to be hers absolutely, to be disposed of as she pleases.

Give to my son Daniel, a young mare which I got from Jaride Grider, to be possessed by him and his heirs forever.

I give to my daughter, Elizabeth Blanton, a negro girl now in her possession by the name of Ede, and her future increase to be freely possessed by her and her heirs forever.

After that my will and desire is that after all my just debts is paid that my wife Rhoda Nelson, as one of my principal executors, shall have the sole management of the balance of my estate as long as she lives a widow, provided that after she marries she gives an inventory of my estate and such security as the other executors hereafter named shall think good and give all my young children such education as will be sufficient according

to the judgement of the executors, and as they marry or come of age to give them such part of the estate as shall then be thought equitable without depriving the said Rhoda Nelson of power of raising the balance of the children and all the rest.  Viz.  Daniel, Matthew, Thomas, Polly, Martha, Judith, Susannah and Ambrose to have an equal part as far as shall be thought consistent at the time they come of age and if anything should be coming to the first of the children after my wife Rhoda Nelson’s decease, by the profits of my estate, to be equally divided between the eight children mentioned last, always providing that my wife shall not be answerable for any reasonable expenditures during her widowhood.

I appoint my beloved wife, Rhoda Nelson, my Executrix, my son Daniel Nelson, Joshua Blanton, Junior, and Venerable Wren my Executors to this my last will, utterly revoking and disannulling all other wills by me before made, confirming this to be my last in testimony where of

I have hereunto set my hand and affixed my seal in 1797, the day and day of the month before mentioned.

Ambrose Nelson

Signed, sealed, pronounced, declared in presence of Elijah Garriott, Jacob Garriott, Loving Garriott

At a Court held for the County of Garrard at the Court House on Monday, the 7th August, 1797, the last will and testament of Ambrose Nelson, deceased, was proved by the oath of Elijah and Jacob Garriott, witnesses thereto and it is ordered to be recorded.

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