Old Photos

Photographs of Children

I am happy to share three old photographs of children – one brother and sister, and two babies.

Our first photograph is of Eleanor Trahaue Lawrence, whose birthdate was November 1, 1902.  This photograph was taken in Louisville, Jefferson County, Kentucky, by Thuss & Lind Photography of 532 4th Avenue.  Eleanor is an adorable baby, with bright eyes and sweet, heart-shaped lips.  Her white dress is much the style of the turn of the 20th century.

Back of the photo showing name and date.

Our second photo is of a brother and sister from Crawfordsville, Indiana, taken by Lawson Studio.  I would date this cabinet card to about 1880.  We can see great detail of the boys clothing and shoes.

Writing on back gives their names – Jess and Wallace Hamilton.

Our last photograph is of a sweet boy from Marshfield, Wisconsin, taken by W. Mason, Central Avenue Gallery.  He is quite handsome.  Perhaps such an elaborate dress was for his christening?  I would date this photo to 1890.

Frederico Iphana Everhard was aged four months and seven days when this photo was taken.


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  1. How special that must have been for these families to dress their little ones up for special pictures.
    Thank you for sharing them.

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