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1855 Washington County Deaths

Mr. Orval Baylor has again given us information used in today’s blog.  He wrote his articles for The Springfield Sun, Springfield, Washington County, Kentucky.  I have added pages from the books containing the death records that Mr. Baylor cites.

Washington County Death Records

November 19, 1935

In the State Historical Society archives there are a number of handwritten, handbound books that contain the records of deaths in Washington County about three-quarters of a century ago.  The first book is for the year 1855.  It was prepared by John B. Starr, then clerk of the Washington County Court, and sent to Frankfort as required by law.  The book is interesting aside from the records of death for the year 1855 because it contains numerous short comments set down by the clerk as he entered the names.  We present the first group of names from this book and others will follow in a later issue.

Washington County Deaths 1855

Thompson, Catherine, age 36; married; resident of Washington County; born Boyle County; daughter of N. & M. Pipes; died Washington County, July 17; Fever.

Montgomery, Margaret, age 80; widow; born Virginia; daughter of Jonathan & N. McCormick; died Washington County, May 12; Old Age.

Montgomery, Jacob, age 3; born Washington County; son of E. & E. Montgomery; died May 20; Croup.

Leachman, Mary E., age 8; daughter of Thomas Leachman; died March 4; Scarlet Fever.

Janes, M. E., age 10; parents W. & N. Janes; died July 3; Dysentery.

Smith, S. F., age 6; son S. & M. Smith; died July 15; Flux.

Smith, Magdalene, age 16; daughter of S. & M. Smith; died July 31; Flux.

Hiatte, P. C, age 1; parents W. & E. A. Hiatte; died August 9; Flux.

Mayes, Maria, age 4 months; daughter Wm. & M. Mayes; died December 2.

Hume, Mary, age 15; daughter of a. W. & H. Hume; died March 20; Consumption.  *(A good girl).

Fleming, William, age 18; born Washington County; son of Thomas & A. Fleming; died August 16.  *(Poor fellow).

Hooper, Milton, age 1; son of K. & S. Hooper; died April 15; Croup. * (Gone to heaven).

Lawson, William, age 4; son of B. & S. Lawson; died August 3; Pleurisy.

Duncan, Catherine, age 55; married; born Pennsylvania; daughter T. & M. Boyce; died April 12; Pneumonia.

Flournoy, James age 65; Minister of God; born Mercer County; son of Sam & N. Flournoy; died March 5; buried in Mackville Cemetery, Washington County; Paralysis.  *(A good Christian.)

Kelly, John, age 23; born Mercer County; son of A. & M. Kelly; died March; disease not known.  *(A few more and it will take the whole family.)

Turner, Mahala, age 27; born Washington County; daughter of T. & R. Turner; died August 20; Dysentery.

(Continued From Last Week)

This is the second of a series of death records for Washington County compiled by the Clerk of the Washington County Court approximately three-quarters of a century ago.  The first installment appeared last week.  The records are copied from the originals in the archives of the State Historical Society in Frankfort.

Cheatham, Lucy, born Washington County; daughter of Obadiah & Ann Cheatham; died Washington County, September 25.  Dysentery.

Hood, Ann, widow, born in Virginia; daughter of William Hood; died Washington County, June; Old Age.

Harris, Martha, born Washington County; daughter of William O. and E. Harris; died Washington County, August 15.  Dysentery.

Norris, Martha F., born Washington County, age 1 month; daughter of John and S. Norris; died Washington County, December 10; cause not known.  *(If she be gone, she will make her grave a bed.)

Mattingly, Samuel A., farmer, age 31 years; born Washington County; son of C. & S. Mattingly; died Washington County, September 11; Fever.  *(Thou art gone to rest like the wind of the ocean that dies on the crest of the blue heaving wave.)

Thompson, Stephen S., age 30; physician; lived in Louisiana where he died October 8; son of James and Mary Thompson; born in Washington County; Inflammation.

Clarke, John M., age 37; farmer; born Montgomery County; son of Thomas and Mary Clarke; died Washington County, August 6; Drowned.

Pirtle, John P., age 21; born Washington County; son of Mary Pirtle; died Washington County, September 5; Typhoid Fever.

*Comments of County Clerk J. B. Starr

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  1. “Kelly, John, age 23; born Mercer County; son of A. & M. Kelly; died March; disease not known. *(A few more and it will take the whole family.)” So interesting, thank you for all your work. These records really bring home the understanding of how far medical science has come. In this case they couldn’t even put a name on the disease, much less offer a cure. Today we at least in the majority of cases know what the disease it, if not the cure. In days past people just got sick and died. The country doc might fix a broken arm or suture a cut, but disease was another matter.

  2. Thanks for your daily emails and all your work on Kentucky sites and cemeteries. Have you any information on Science Hill All female seminary school in Shelbyville, Kentucky. I’m looking for Sarah Ann Hancock who graduated from here. She may have lived in Louisville and is from Pittsburg. She is born She died-1854

  3. I was very amazed to see information on my maternal side of my father’s family; the Linton’s of Springfield Ky. I have found it very difficult to get very far on this line of my family and seek advice.

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