Obituaries for James Harvey and Margaret Stewart Yantis – Garrard County

As a continuation of yesterday’s post, I have the obituaries and other information for James Harvey Yantis and Margaret Ann Stewart Yantis.  It didn’t seem appropriate to add death information in with the happy occasion of the golden wedding celebration.

From the beginning of their marriage James and Margaret lived in Garrard County, and died there after 50+ years of marriage.

The following census chart shows the children living in the household 1850-1900.  A grandson, Anna’s son, James H. Jennings, lives with his mother and grandfather in 1900.

NAME 1850 1860 1870 1880 1900
Yantis, James H. 42 52 62 72 92
   Margaret A. 33 43 53 63
   William Amos 16 25
   Mary D. 14
   Robert H. 12
   Arthura 11
   Anna B. 8 16 25 45
   Thomas L. 4 14 23
   Jennie G. 2 12
   Samuel S. 10 18
   Carrie 8 16
   James L. 6 14
   Harriet 9 19
   Nellie 7 16
Jennings, James H. g-son 8

A list of the names of James and Margaret’s children:

  1. William Amos Yantis, March 1834-June 1, 1915.
  2. Mary Doane Yantis, 1836-?, married a Mr. Daniel.
  3. Robert H. Yantis, February 2, 1838-September 19, 1918.
  4. Arthura Yantis, 1839-?, married a Mr. Curry.
  5. Anna (Nannie) B. Yantis, September 1844-?, married a Mr. Jennings.
  6. Thomas L. Yantis, December 24, 1845-April 28, 1924.
  7. Jennie E. Yantis, 1848-1900.
  8. Samuel Stewart Yantis, September 3, 1851-September 29, 1928.
  9. Carrie Yantis, September 9, 1853-January 4, 1937, married a Mr. Davidson.
  10. James Lapsley Yantis, November 25, 1855-May 2, 1940.
  11. Hattie Yantis, November 5, 1861-March 12, 1927.
  12. Nellie Yantis, May 12, 1863-August 30, 1941.

Margaret Ann Stewart Yantis died December 5, 1893.  Born July 30, 1817, she was 76 years of age.

Interior Journal, Stanford, Lincoln County, Kentucky

Friday, December 8, 1893

Mrs. Margaret Yantis, wife of Mr. Harvey Yantis, died at the family residence on the Buckeye Pike on Tuesday night.  She was a very old lady and was highly respected by her many acquaintances throughout Central Kentucky.  The funeral services will take place at the Christian church this Thursday morning at 10 o’clock, after which the remains will be interred in the Lancaster Cemetery.

James lived another eight years, cared for by daughter Anna.  He was born November 15, 1807, and died May 9, 1901, at the age of 94.

The Courier Journal, Louisville, Jefferson County, Kentucky

Thursday, May 23, 1901

An Aged Citizen of Lancaster is Dead

Passing of James Harvey Yantis, Formerly Sheriff of Garrard County

Lancaster, May 22 – [Special] – James Harvey Yantis, who recently died from the effects of a fall, was the oldest white citizen of this vicinity.  He was born in Lancaster, November 13, 1807, and resided in this county all his life.  He was a leading dry goods merchant here for a number of years, and also served at one time as Sheriff.  While filling this office, the old jail, recently torn away was built and Mr. Yantis placed the first prisoner in it.  The criminal was confined in the jail before the building was completed, and as trap doors were then used, the sheriff put his man down through the hole, placed a plank over it and slept on the board all night to keep the prisoner from escaping.

Mr. Yantis was the father of twelve children, eleven of whom survive him.  He and his family have been prominent in social and church circles.  Mr. Yantis having served as an elder of the Christian church for many years.

The funeral service was conducted by Elder James Lane Allen, of Danville, and a large gathering of friends and relatives attested to the esteem in which he was held.

James Harvey and Margaret Ann Yantis are buried in the Lancaster Cemetery in Garrard County.

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  1. Do you have any information on Sarah Ann Hancock who attended Science Hill Seminary in Shelbyville Ky. Her father was Richard Hancock and Eve. They came from Pittsburg.

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