Gravestone Photos from Old Bardwell Cemetery – Carlisle County

Old Bardwell Cemetery, Carlisle County, Kentucky.

Old Bardwell Cemetery is in the county of Carlisle in the Jackson Purchase, far western Kentucky.  Bardwell is the county seat, located at the junction of Highways 62 and 51.  If you drive west on Hwy 62, make a left at the ‘T’ with Hwy 51.  Just a few miles down, on the right is Rosewood Cemetery, and on the left is Old Bardwell Cemetery.  Following are a few of the gravestone photographs taken during our visit March 28, 2019.

Ellen Freeman, born January 7, 1833, Died August 28, 1896.

Little Ellen, daughter of Solon & Mary Freeman, born October 22, 1896, died October 25, 1896.

Large, above-ground grave.

Thomas F. Shane, born August 12, 1867, died October 18, 1897.  ‘Blessed are the pure in heart, for they shall see God.’

Crawford E. Williams, born September 28, 1846, died April 25, 1900, aged 53 years, 6 months, 27 days.

Alice Gardner, March 12, 1849 – December 3, 1934.

Judah Goodman, March 12, 1849 – April 4, 1942.

Clarissa B. Brent, March 6, 1843 – January 8, 1918.  John T. Brent, January 10, 1843 – August 26, 1930.

P. R. Jennings, born February 14, 1855, died November 1, 1900.

Alfred C. Fisher, April 8, 1851 – January 11, 1922.  Mollie O., his wife, October 17, 1854 – January 24, 1927.

Joseph P. Moore, born November 9, 1883, died January 22, 1907, aged 23 years, 2 months, 13 days.

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  1. On this post, the last stone for Joseph P Moore was “erected by the Woodmen of the World.” There are severals stones also erected by the Woodmen in one of our local cemeteries in Festus, Missouri. It would make an interesting post to show more stones and perhaps have a little history of the Woodmen of the World, as I had never heard of them before walking Gamel Cemetery here. Thanks!

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