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Happy Thanksgiving!

Thanksgiving Day – a day to pause and remember our many blessings – yes, even in this topsy-turvy year with COVID-19 running rampant.  As many areas have seen a tremendous increase in cases and people are cautioned to celebrate with just the family living in their household, this will be a very different Thanksgiving.  We are fortunate that Todd, Kate, Julian and Percy live with us; six people will enjoy our meal together.  But Linton and his girlfriend, living in Seattle, will not be able to join us.  And probably will not get here for Christmas.  This will be the first year celebrating without him.  We will not be able to get together with Ritchey’s sweet family, or my sister and her family.  But what is one year of doing without to obtain many more years of togetherness?  We must be cautious with COVID interrupting our lives.  Be safe, take many precautions, and perhaps miss out on a few gatherings.  It is more important to stay safe and live to celebrate another year.

So as the turkeys are roasting in the oven and pumpkin pies are baked, as the smells of green beans seasoned with country ham waft from the pot on the stove and the sweet scent of candied yams make the house a delicious smelling jumble of the lovely dinner to come, given thanks for what we do have.  Those family members and friends that are still in our lives, just not sitting at our tables.  It is at this time that we can take out our memories of years gone by.  Those are still tucked away in our minds.  Remember years when our parents and grandparents were still alive and their homes were filled to the brim with family members.  Remember, if any one of our ancestors had died before passing on their genes to us, we would not be who we are today.  And I am thankful for all of you and enjoyment and excitement we get from searching for our ancestors.

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  1. A wonderful and thoughtful message for the current times. Thank you so much and Happy Thanksgiving to you, your family and all your readers. Marilyn Watts Vance McGaughey

  2. Phylis, wonderful message for this Thanksgiving. . . A little sacrifice this year may help assure future years of being together again. I’m thankful for having discovered your work and all the information and joy it has brought be.

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