Old Photos

Late 1890’s Photo

I have a great photo to share with you today!  Not hard to date this one – look at those HUGE leg ‘o mutton sleeves.  Very late 1890’s style.  I’m curious to know why these women are dressed almost identically – same dress, same necklace.  The only difference seems to be their blouses.  The one on the right appears to have a buttoned collar, the other a stand-up collar with a Maltese Cross.  Could they be teachers at a school?  It’s hard to tell, but they must be chums, holding hands.

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  1. Yes, their dresses look as if they could be classified, “uniforms.” And, education, would come to mind. Good catch! Holding hands, just a sign of those times.

  2. I have referenced in posts on Facebook in the various groups I am in several times that you know what time period of dress is for time period it is and they should check out your site if they really want to see all of your writings/researching and all the wonderful information that you post. Your work on your Carrico Line is not just the only reason I follow your post and purchased cd’s from you over the years !

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