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1881 Marriage Bond of Theodore Redford and Minerva Elizabeth Pike – Adair County

The following is the marriage bond for Theodore Redford and Minerva Pike.  The bond was procured at Columbia, in Adair County, January 6, 1881, with William R. Bauer as bondsman.  The date of marriage is the same day.  Theodore and Minerva both lived in Adair County.  The bride and groom were the same age, 26 years.  It was a first marriage for both.  Theodore was a farmer, born in Illinois (however I believe, according to census records, he was born in Iowa).  The couple was to be married at the residence of John R. Pike.  The marriage certificate is signed by William H. H. Absher.

As always, I have a little more information for you.  Theodore was the son of James Lewis Redford, (15 Dec 1824 – ?) and Mary Ellen McMillen (7 Jan 1831 – 6 Aug 1915, Casey County).  The couple married 31 Aug 1852 in Des Moines County, Iowa.  In the 1860 census of Taylor County, we find the family living in Campbellsville.  James is 36, a carpenter, born in Indiana.  Mary E. is 28, born in Kentucky.  Three sons live with their parents – Harrison, 7, Iowa; Theodore, 6, Illinois; and James L., 3, Illinois.  In the 1870 census of Adair County, son Harrison is listed as Thomas B., 18, Iowa.  Did the 1860 census taker misunderstand his name?  All the children, including four children born in the ten years since the earlier census, are listed as born in Iowa.  I feel this is a mistake.  The children were Mary L., 8; George, 6; Martha B., 5; and Emma J., 1.  In 1880, in Adair County, two more daughters, Elizabeth R., 9; and Laura G., 6; have been added to the family.

In the 1880 census the only Theodore Redford I found lived in Saline County, Missouri, with Lewis and Eliza Caswell and their family.  Lewis Caswell was born in Kentucky, as well as one of his sons, a daughter was born in Missouri.  Theodore was a work hand.  According to this census he and his parents were born in Kentucky.  Could this be our Theodore, working the year before he married?  I cannot say with accuracy. 

Minerva Elizabeth Pike was the daughter of John R. Pike, (7 Feb 1831 – 10 Dec 1905), and Savannah Deskin Roach, (3 Oct 1835 – 7 May 1918).  John and Savannah married 29 Mar 1852 in Taylor County, Kentucky.

In the 1860 census of Taylor County (interesting that Theodore and Minerva lived in Taylor County in 1860, then moved to Adair County by 1870) John R. Pike is 28; Savannah, 24.  Five children lived in the household, as well as Savannah’s mother – Nancy, 7; Minerva, 5; John, 4; Sarah M., 2; and Julia K., 10/12.  Mary Roach was 55.  By 1870 the family was increased by four children – William B., 9; Savannah, 6; Richard S., 3; and Millie M., 2/12.  In 1880, just before Minerva’s marriage she was 25.  Nancy, 10; Joan B., 7; and Gatewood, 4; rounded out the family.

After their marriage, Theodore and Minerva lived in Little Cake precinct of Adair County.  By 1900 the family included Theodore, 46, a farmer; Minerva, 46; Willie K., 14, (female); Effie E., 12; Fannie E., 8; and Ruth B., 5. 

A list of Theodore and Minerva Pike Redford’s children and their spouses:

  1. Rosa Lee Redford, 10 Oct 1881 – 8 Jan 1953, married Arthur Bailey.
  2. Bettie Ann Redford, Jan 1883 – 18 Jul 1926, married James Rhubin Bryant.  Bettie died in Arkansas.
  3. Effie Ella Redford, 10 Dec 1887 – 6 Oct 1962, married Charles Monroe Bryant.  Effie died in Arkansas.
  4. Willie Kate Redford, 1 Mar 1889 – 13 Apr 1919, married Alonzo Buchanon Barrett.  Willie died of influenza.
  5. Fannie Ethel Redford, 2 Sep 1891 – 30 Oct 1922, married Walter Redford.  Fannie died of typhoid fever.
  6. Ruthie B. Redford, 9 Jun 1894 – 24 Nov 1931, married William Henderson Burton.

Theodore Redford died in 1928 and was buried in Adkins Cemetery in Adair County.  Minerva lived another 9 years before being buried beside her husband.  Also buried in the cemetery is daughter Fannie Ethel Redford, daughter Ruthie B. Burton and husband Henderson Burton, grandson Elbert Redford 1909-1983, granddaughter Bettie L. Burton, 1911-1933 (Ruthie’s daughter) and granddaughter Lillie Mae Redford, 1915-1997 (Fannie’s daughter).  I found no obituaries for this family.

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