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Cecil and Frances Haines Married 1941 – Dallas, Texas

May I introduce Cecil and Frances Haines on their wedding day in 1941 – a very handsome couple. Their photograph was taken at Harper and Co., 1706 1/2 Elm Street, Dallas, Texas. In the 1941 Dallas, Texas Directory this company is listed at that address. However there was no Cecil Haines, Hawes, Haynes, Hanes, Haives in the directory. They must have lived outside Dallas and came in for their wedding photos.

The groom wears his black suit and white tie very well, his new wedding ring noticeable on his left hand. Frances is beautiful! The cap of her veil is very attractive, as well as the jacket she wears over her dress. But the mesmerizing feature of her wedding attire is the long train ending in a good twelve inches of intricate lace. She carries the traditional over-sized bouquet.

I tried a search on Ancestry for the couple, but nothing definitive could be found. Even though the handwriting is beautiful I’m not sure about the last name – Haines, Hawes, Havies? What do you think?

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