Gravestone Photographs From Old Paint Lick Cemetery – Garrard County

Old Paint Lick Cemetery (also known as Manse Cemetery), Garrard County, Kentucky
In memory of Jinney Adams who was born September the 30th 1791 and was killed by thunder August 20, 1806.
In Memory of Moses Rawlings, born May 7th 1771, died February 20th 1818.
In Memory of Jane Henry, wife of Robert Henry, born December 30th 1759, died April 28th 1837.
In Memory of Robert Henry, born in Ireland, and died February 7th 1831, aged about 90 years.
In Memory of Solomon Collier, born August 10th 1779, died March 24th 1847.
In Memory of Margaret Collier, consort of Masson Collier, born December 18th 1825, died October 28th 1847.
Margaret, wife of Robert Brank, born December 26th 1761, died December 25th 1837.
Jane Woods, daughter of Robert Brank, born February 25th 1781, died July 26th 1841.
Robert Brank, born March 17th 1757, died April 10th 1846. Forty years an Elder of Paint Lick Church.
Robert Brank, North Carolina, Private, Revolutionary War, March 17, 1757 – April 10, 1846.

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