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1898 Golden Wedding Anniversary – August and Mary Nuthall Reynaud – Jefferson County

The Courier Journal, Louisville, Jefferson County, Kentucky (all articles)

Tuesday, August 2, 1898

A Venerable Couple

Mr. and Mrs. August Reynaud Will Celebrate Their Golden Wedding on Wednesday, August 17

On Wednesday, August 17, Mr. and Mrs. August Reynaud, of 3008 Bank Street, will celebrate their golden wedding, having been married August 17, 1848, in Portland, Kentucky, then a separate town from Louisville.  The Rev. J. Butterfield officiated.

Mr. Reynaud was born in France, and Mrs. Reynaud was Miss Mary J. Nuttall, of Portland.  They are the parents of Mrs. Emma B. Newhall, Mrs. Maggie Coke, Mrs. J. F. Dittman and Mr. Will L. Reynaud.

Mr. Reynaud has been a steamboat engineer nearly all his life, having served on some of the finest craft that ever floated the Ohio and Mississippi rivers.  During the great war he cast his lot with the South, joining Company H, Ninth Kentucky Infantry, thereby becoming eventually a member of the famous Orphan Brigade.  During the big struggle he was detailed to go into the Confederate navy, where he served most gallantly for a year or more, gaining several marks of distinction and proving himself “all wool and a yard wide.”  Many friends of this venerable couple will gather to wish them a happy journey on to their diamond wedding.

Thursday, August 18, 1898

Half A Century Together

Golden Wedding Anniversary of Mr. and Mrs. Reynaud In the West End

Mr. and Mrs. August Reynaud, of 3008 Bank Street, celebrated the golden wedding anniversary of their wedding last evening at their home, which was filled with relatives and old-time friends.  They also received many letters of congratulation from abroad and were showered with nice presents.  This venerable couple was married in the town of Portland, Kentucky on August 17, 1848, the Rev. J. Butterfield officiating, and their married life has been one of continued happiness from that day to this.

Mrs. Reynaud was formerly Miss Mary J. Nuttall, a native of Portland, and her husband is a native of France.  He is a river engineer, and in the good old days watched the destinies of several of the finest boats in the Louisville and New Orleans trade.  During the war he was a Confederate soldier and is now a member of Camp Geo. B. Eastin, No.803, United Confederate Veterans, of this city.  During his service he was for a year or more on detached service as engineer in the Confederate Navy, where he distinguished himself for valor in several naval engagements.

August and Mary Reynaud did live to celebrate their diamond wedding anniversary, plus two additional years for a total of 62 years of married life together.  The couple had six children – Emily B., 1848-1906; August, 1851-1879; Ophelia, 1853-1910; Margaret, 1855-1923; Ella M., 1857-1879; and William Lee, 1866-1920.

Friday, March 22, 1912

Reynaud – At 1:15 p.m. March 20, at the residence of her son-in-law, J. F. Dittman, 2723 West Main Street, Mary Jane Reynaud, wife of August Reynaud, aged 83 years.

Funeral from residence at 2:30 p.m. March 21.  Burial in Portland Cemetery.

Saturday, February 3, 1917

August M. Reynaud

August M. Reynaud, 89 years old, Civil War veteran and a retired steamboat engineer, died of senility at 8:45 o’clock last night at the residence of his son-in-law, J. F. Dittman, 2723 West Main Street.  Death followed a lingering illness.  Mr. Reynaud was born in France but had lived in Louisville for more than eighty years.  He served throughout the war between the North and the South as a member of Company H, Ninth Kentucky, Orphan Brigade, and several times was honorably mentioned for gallantry in the service.  He retired from active life many years ago.  He leaves one son, William Reynaud, and a daughter, Mrs. Dittman.  Funeral services will be held at the residence at 2 o’clock tomorrow afternoon.  Burial will be in Portland Cemetery.

Note – the newspaper article spells the last name as Reynard – which is why I couldn’t find it in I finally search the first name – August – with date of February 1917. And it came up!

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