Gravestone Photos From Lewisport Cemetery in Hancock County

Lewisport is a small town located on the Ohio River in Hancock County. The city cemetery is in the heart of town at the corner of Melanie Drive and Fourth Street. It is not a large cemetery, but for the area is quite sufficient. In addition there are many family and other smaller cemeteries throughout the county. This is the area where my Lewis family moved to from Loudoun County, Virginia. Captain John Hancock Linton’s sister, Catherine Jennings Linton, married William Joseph Lewis. Some of the children of Joseph and Catherine Lewis moved to Hancock County in 1799 when it was still a part of Breckinridge County. The Lewis family has their cemetery located on property they purchased, discussed in another post.

William McCauley, January 20, 1849 – April 20, 1918.
John Dulin July 4, 1837 – October 3, 1918. Kitty, his wife, May 4, 1846 – May 7, 1928.
Knox stone.

Laura E., wife of Dr. J. W. Knox, December 18, 1864 – June 21, 1888
Dangerfield Dunn, 1803-1885. Joannette, his wife, 1836-1908. Clarence, 1868-1886. Eddie 1871-1886. Elmo, 1874-1918.
Blackford Stone
A., wife of Z. M. Blackford, born January 28, 1824, died September 12, 1885.
Z. M. Blackford, born October 19, 1815, died June 14, 1882, aged 66 years, 7 months, 25 days.
Elizabeth R., Consort of W. C. Pell, who departed this life February 29th, 1852, aged 25 years and 23 days.

I’ve never seen a gravestone with so many initials at the top. Does anyone know what they stand for?

Diademma Pell, who departed this life December 18th, 1846, aged 22 years, 2 months and 4 days.

This gravestone is similar to the previous – the weeping trees on either side of the top, although with an urn rather the numerous initials on the other. Relatives, I’m sure.

Sacred to the memory of Eliza Roberta Prentis, daughter of John and Maria H. Prentis, of Petersburgh, Virginia, born July 15, 1832, and departed this life December 2nd, 1846, in Indiana, aged 14 years, 4 months and 17 days.
E. B. Prentis, born April 16, 1831, died October 12, 1882.
Ernest Prentis, Co. F, 3 KY INF SP AM War
Lewis E. Lewis, PVT US ARMY, November 11, 1923 – March 10, 1964.

I hope you’ve enjoyed our visit to Lewisport Cemetery!

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