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Lovely Lady In 1890’s Dress

Isn’t this a lovely young woman – with almost a smile on her face!  What drew me to purchase this photo was the dress – definitely an 1890’s style, but I also like the small pattern in the material – in addition to the ruffles and lace.  You can also see she wears a small comb in her hair.  The extremely high collar is consistent with the 1890’s, as well as the thick gatherings in the bodice.  The small puff sleeve at the shoulders, with fitted sleeves down to the wrist, and an extra ruffle at top, date this to the early 1890’s, before the huge leg-o-mutton sleeves of the later years of the decade.

This photo was taken by Lochman Photography at 707 Hamilton Street, Allentown, Pennsylvania.  With a little research I found a Benjamin Lochman in an 1861 city directory, a photographer, at 9 W. Hamilton.  By 1880 he was located at 707 Hamilton.  Benjamin was born in 1825 and died in 1912.  His wife was Catherine, and children, Eugene, William Jerome and Ellen.

Lost and Found Photos – And A Great Chair!

Today I have for you four carte de visite photos I found last Wednesday at an antique shop in Danville, Kentucky.  The one similarity I find between the four is the chair – it looks as if it were used in all the photos – but I think that rather unlikely!  There are no names on any of the photos.


The first two photos were taken by P. P. Ackley, Photographer, Fort Plain, New York.  I feel sure these are husband and wife – very unlikely the two photos taken by Mr. Ackley, with the same pose and same background – and found in the same antique shop! – would be of two unrelated people!


The bow on the woman’s head looks as if it has been tinted.  I like the ruching at the bottom of the sleeves and the white lace collar.


This couple looks very young – perhaps they were just starting out – could this possible be a wedding photo?  The man wears no ring, but, with my magnifying glass, I think I can see a ring on her right hand.  There is nothing on the back of the photo to tell us where it was taken.


This last gentleman looks to be a bit of a dandy – with his mustache, tie and checked shirt!  Wouldn’t you love to know his name?  This photo is from Benjamin Lochman’s Photographic Gallery, No. 9 West Hamilton Street, Allentown, Pennsylvania.  This chair, although similar, looks to be made of leather, with a bit more decoration!

Four more photos, five unknown people!  One day someone will email me with good news when I post photos!  Happy researching!