Gravestones In Old Liberty Cemetery – Muhlenberg County

From Otto A. Rothert’s A History of Muhlenberg County, printed in 1913, we find the following description of Old Liberty Church and Cemetery:

Old Liberty is now a ruin – four tottering log walls, each about twenty-five feet long, enclosing a sunken floor and a caved-in roof, mingled with broken benches and a weatherbeaten pulpit.  The hewed logs, partly shaded by a large white oak, show that they at one time were well chinked with wood and pointed with sand and lime.  Its four window- and two door-frames will soon collapse; with them will fall the walls, and so, bye-and-bye, no part of this old landmark will be left to mark the site of the once famous church.  Near the ruins is the Old Liberty burying-ground.  In it are the myrtle-covered and stone-marked graves of many a Martin, Lovell, Eades, Shelton, Allison, Brothers, Luckett and Jameson, all of whom were among the old families of this community.

More people have ancestors buried at Old Liberty than in any other country graveyard in the county.  Tradition says the original church was built about 1816, and was then called New Liberty.  In the course of time the first log house was replaced by a second, which was abandoned about 1851.  Some years later the third or last house was erected, and was used until about 1890.

John McCracken, October 16, 1784-April 27, 1860.

Ann Florence Martin, was born March 14, 1834, and died November 13th 1852.

Children of E. F. & L. P. Elkins

Joseph Hendricks, CO K, 8th KY CAV

D. W. Brothers, August 26, 1844-December 19, 1906.

Lewis Eades, born May 3, 1818, died July 19, 1899.  Nancy J. Eades, born March 22, 1826, died September 16, 1904.

Larkin Nichols Akers, Born 1794, Shelby County, Kentucky.  Died 1865, Muhlenberg County, Kentucky.  War of 1812.  Private.

S. C., wife of C. W. Lovell, born July 19, 1832, died September 21, 1906.

Charles W. Lovell, born May 20, 1827, died May 19, 1894.

John Lovell, born January 16, 1813, died June 21, 1892.

Eliza A., wife of John Lovell, born March 5, 1825, died December 18, 1863.

John Shelton, PVT 6 REGT KY MIL, War of 1812, 1796-1868.

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  1. You do such good work. I love all the cemeteries! Do you take on a special research project? I’m trying to see if a person is related to John Hancock.

  2. could you see if you can find any on by the name of HUKILL OR HUKEL OR ANY STONEKING people buried in ky, grave yards

  3. Thank you for sharing all of this info. Many of my ancestors are buried here and at Reynolds cemetery not too far away off of Cave Springs Rd. It fascinates me to learn about their lives. They moved to Muhlenberg even before Lewis and Clark left for the West Coast. The area was still basically wilderness when they arrived. I’ve got the land record where William Martin arrived there in February 1804, and settled on 70 acres he improved himself that set on Jarrels Creek next to the farm of James Weir.

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