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Lost and Found Photos – And A Great Chair!

Today I have for you four carte de visite photos I found last Wednesday at an antique shop in Danville, Kentucky.  The one similarity I find between the four is the chair – it looks as if it were used in all the photos – but I think that rather unlikely!  There are no names on any of the photos.


The first two photos were taken by P. P. Ackley, Photographer, Fort Plain, New York.  I feel sure these are husband and wife – very unlikely the two photos taken by Mr. Ackley, with the same pose and same background – and found in the same antique shop! – would be of two unrelated people!


The bow on the woman’s head looks as if it has been tinted.  I like the ruching at the bottom of the sleeves and the white lace collar.


This couple looks very young – perhaps they were just starting out – could this possible be a wedding photo?  The man wears no ring, but, with my magnifying glass, I think I can see a ring on her right hand.  There is nothing on the back of the photo to tell us where it was taken.


This last gentleman looks to be a bit of a dandy – with his mustache, tie and checked shirt!  Wouldn’t you love to know his name?  This photo is from Benjamin Lochman’s Photographic Gallery, No. 9 West Hamilton Street, Allentown, Pennsylvania.  This chair, although similar, looks to be made of leather, with a bit more decoration!

Four more photos, five unknown people!  One day someone will email me with good news when I post photos!  Happy researching!

Any thoughts?

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