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1828 Vittitow – Miller Marriage License – Nelson County

Nelson County, to wit;

To any authorized Minister of the Gospel

These are to license you to solemnize the rites of matrimony according to the forms of the church to which you belong, between Samuel Vittitow and Miss Elizabeth Miller, daughter of Jacob Miller.

Given under my hand as clerk of the county court of the said county this 10th day of December 1828.

Ben Grayson

Nelson County, to wit;

I, Benjamin Grayson, clerk of the county court of said county do certify that bond is given by the said Samuel Vittitow with Nathaniel Wickliffe as his security, as required by law, on his application for the above license and that the consent of the said Jacob Miller is personally given.

Given under my hand the date above,

Ben Grayson

1870 Will of Samuel Goodwin Vittitow – Nelson County

Samuel Goodwin Vittitow, 1798-1884, son of Samuel and Mary Vittitow, married Elizabeth Miller, 1802-1842, daughter of Samuel Miller, 10 July 1819.  Samuel Goodwin and Elizabeth (Miller) Vittitow had the following children:

  1. William F., b. 1821, who married Sarah Vittitow, daughter of William Vittitow and Elizabeth Protsman.
  2. Samuel Miller, b. 1824, who married Evelyn Willett, daughter of George W. S. Willett and Nancy Hancock, on 19 October 1854.
  3. Eliza A., 1825-1855, who married William H. Duncan.
  4. John T., 1826-1854, who married Eleanor Miller.
  5. Nancy, b. 1830.
  6. Mary, b. 1834, who married Thomas Carter on 26 December 1853.

September 1, 1842, Samuel Goodwin Vittitow married Sarah Birkhead, 1810-1876, daughter of Abraham Birkhead and Mary Allen.  They had four children:

  1. Abraham Birkhead, b. 1843, who married Mary Frances Carlisle, 19 November 1867
  2. Squire Plenne, 1845-1927, who married Mary Frances Norris, daughter of George Washington Norris and Martha Ann Newton, 31 March 1873.
  3. James Henry Harrison, 1847-1883, who married Nancy G. Carlile, 1873-1906, daughter of John Carlile.
  4. Elizabeth Ann Maria, 1851-1921, who married John Jacob Ehrbar of Switzerland about 1887.

Will of Samuel G. Vittitow

Nelson County Will Book 19, Page 119

I, Samuel G. Vittitow, of the County of Nelson and State of Kentucky, being of sound mind and disposing memory, do make and publish this my last will and testament.

1st.  It is my will and desire that my just debts and funeral expenses be first paid out of my estate.

2nd.  I will and bequeath to my beloved wife, Sarah M. Vittitow, all of my personal property of every kind and description after the payment of my debts.  I also will her my debts that may be owing to me at my death to be hers forever.  I also will her my farm upon which I now live during her natural life and at her death to go to my four children by her, to wit, Abraham B. Vittitow, Squire P. Vittitow, James H. H. Vittitow and Elizabeth Ann W. Vittitow, having heretofore given to my other children all I am able to give them.  I will them nothing more.

3rd.  I hereby nominate and appoint my beloved wife, Sarah M. Vittitow, executrix to this my last will and testament, August 24, 1870.

Samuel G. Vittitow

Teste.  Silvester Johnson, J. B. Beeler

Nelson County Court, April Term, Monday April 14, 1884

A paper writing purporting to be the last will and testament of Samuel G. Vittitow, deceased, was produced in Court and duly proven by the oath of Silvester Johnson, one of the subscribing witnesses thereto, who also proved the fact that said paper was duly signed by testator, and by J. B. Beeler, the other subscribing witness to same in the presence of and at the request of testator and in the presence of each other.  Whereupon said writing was ordered to be recorded as the true last will and testament of said Samuel G. Vittitow, deceased.

Att. Wm. H. Rowan, Clerk, By W. J. Dalmazzo, Deputy Clerk

Miller Family Buried at Richmond Cemetery

This beautiful stone is located in Richmond Cemetery in Madison County.  The octagonal stone tells the story of the Miller family.  Dr. Alexander Miller came to Richmond in 1806.  This stone leaves the story of his parents, his wife’s parents, his children – and Dr. Alex and wife, Elizabeth.

John Miller and Margaret Hicklin, parents of Dr. Alex Miller.  Richmond Cemetery, Madison County, Kentucky.

Dr. Alexander Miller, son of John Miller and Margaret Hicklin, settled at Richmond, Kentucky, in May, 1806.

Dr. Alex Miller, born in Rockingham County, Virginia, November 26, 1783, died June 29, 1877.  Also, his wife, Elizabeth Barnett, born May 23, 1791, died July 13, 1847.

He married Elizabeth Barnett, only daughter of Col. James Barnett and Mary, his wife, October 13, 1807.

col. James Barnett and Marcie Hawkins, parents of Mrs. Dr. Alex Miller.

Col. James Barnett, born in Amherst county, Virginia, January 16, 1750, was a colonel in the Virginia troops, Continental Line, during the Revolution.  His wife was born August 10, 1765, and died July 13, 1847.  The children of Dr. Alexander Miller and Elizabeth Barnett were as follows:

Children of Alex and Elizabeth Miller

  1. James Barnett Miller, born June 27, 1808
  2. John Harrison Miller, born October 28, 1809
  3. Cyrus Cincinnatus Miller, born June 26, 1812
  4. Juliann Elizabeth Miller, born June 15, 1818.
  5. Fayette Morrison Miller, born June 16, 1823

J. Harrison Miller and wife Patsie A. Field.

Robert Miller and wife, Elizabeth Miller.

Dr. Alexander Miller died at the home of his son, James B. Miller, in Richmond, Kentucky, in 1877.

The following extract from the manuscript auto-biography of Dr. Alexander Miller.  It was written May 4, 1850.

I was raised in Rockingham County, State of Virginia, one of the best portions of that state.  The residents of the valley were mostly descendants of Irish and Scottish parents, attached to education, industry and morality.  Religious instruction was given principally by the Presbyterians and Methodists.  I studied medicine under the instruction of Dr. P. Harrison, in Harrisonburg, who was an eminent physician; a pious and very worthy man.  I left home for Kentucky on April 3, 1806.  I opened shop in Richmond the 15th of May 1806, rented a shop about the place where Owen Walker’s store is located.  I rented of John Burnam.  I boarded with Messrs. Robert Miller and family who, with all their connections, treated me in the kindest manner, indeed.  My large patronage from the citizens of Madison and the surrounding counties was unprecedented.  I had some opposition which, under the circumstances was advantageous in more ways than one, it kept me more circumspect in my intercourse with all I had to do, and as I was very young it made me read and study books on medicine and general science, so as to be as well prepared in my profession as possible.  I was named for my father’s father, who was a Presbyterian Clergyman, and I was early informed that I was to fill his shoes in the clerical line, but during my educational progress I took to the pursuit of medicine.

Presented by Dr. Alex Miller to his children.

Isaac Blakey and Martha J. Fogle

IMG_7711Brookside Cemetery, Campbellsville, Taylor County, Kentucky

Isaac Blakey and Martha J. Fogle married about 1846 in Taylor County, Kentucky.  Isaac was born June 11, 1823, to Churchill Blakey and Alice Hoogand.  Martha was the daughter of William Fogle and Elizabeth Miller, born October 25, 1825.

IMG_7728Isaac Blakey, July 11, 1823 – January 4, 1914

In the 1860 census of Taylor County Isaac Blakey is listed as 35, a wool carder, with wife Martha J., 32, Sarah E., 12, John, 8, James, 1, and Thomas Blakey, 34, a saddler.  Thomas is most likely a brother to Isaac.

IMG_7729Martha J. Blakey, October 22, 1825 – June 25, 1900

In 1870 Isaac is listed as a miller and wool carder, 46, Martha, 45, John, 18, James, 11, and Louisa, 4.  In 1900 Isaac and Martha are living alone, at 76 and 74 years of age, respectively.  They have been married 53 years, have had six children, three of whom are living.

IMG_7732Sallie E. Williams, November 8, 1849 – July 11, 1917

Daughter Sarah married J. H. Williams in 1877.  They are in the 1910 Taylor County census, J. H., 61, Sallie E., 50, Mattie, 25, John I., 23, Charles R., 20, Carrie, 18, and Walter, 15.  Seven children were born to the couple and all seven are living at this time.

IMG_7731James H. Williams, July 12, 1838 – January 9, 1912

All five stones are in a line together.  The following is James Blakey, son of Isaac and Martha.

IMG_7730James R. Blakey, May 27, 1859 – November 6, 1893

Hocker Bible

Hocker Bible Records

John Thomas Hocker born April 5, 1838, died October 23, 1912 (son of John Allen Hocker and Elizabeth Miller), married January 15, 1863, Laura S. E. Maddox, born May 18, 1845, died November 5, 1874 (daughter of Josiah Maddox and Nancy Carter).  Married 2nd January 3, 1878, Bettie T. Rhodes, born February 22, 1845, died July 25, 1911.

Children by first wife:

  • Nancy Hocker born January 11, 1864, died September 30, 1864
  • Josiah A. Hocker born July 7, 1865, died August 25, 1943, married April 3, 1889, to Emma Loney, born September 1, 1868.
  • Sciota T. M. Hocker born February 8, 1869, married February 8, 1893, Nannie Bennett, born January 7, 1874.

Children by second wife:

  • Mary Easter Hocker, no birth or death dates, married April 3, 1904, to Joe B. Shultz
  • Sarah Elizabeth Hocker, born November 16, 1880, died May 27, 1942.
  • America Jane Hocker, born February 16, 1882, died April 12, 1958, married February 8, 1914, to John Cleveland Stevens, born November 9, 1884 (son of William T. Stevens and Nettie Smith).
  • Barnie W. Hocker, born April 20, 1883, died January 1, 1929.


  • Oswald C. Hocker, born January 6, 1890
  • Earl J. Hocker, born August 19, 1896
  • Ray Hocker, born March 14, 1900
  • Elizabeth Anna Shultz, born April 22, 1905
  • Emma Lucille Stevens, born January 23, 1917, married November 29, 1942, to Ross Adams, Jr., born October 29, 1915.