Family Stories

Miller Family Buried at Richmond Cemetery

This beautiful stone is located in Richmond Cemetery in Madison County.  The octagonal stone tells the story of the Miller family.  Dr. Alexander Miller came to Richmond in 1806.  This stone leaves the story of his parents, his wife’s parents, his children – and Dr. Alex and wife, Elizabeth.

John Miller and Margaret Hicklin, parents of Dr. Alex Miller.  Richmond Cemetery, Madison County, Kentucky.

Dr. Alexander Miller, son of John Miller and Margaret Hicklin, settled at Richmond, Kentucky, in May, 1806.

Dr. Alex Miller, born in Rockingham County, Virginia, November 26, 1783, died June 29, 1877.  Also, his wife, Elizabeth Barnett, born May 23, 1791, died July 13, 1847.

He married Elizabeth Barnett, only daughter of Col. James Barnett and Mary, his wife, October 13, 1807.

col. James Barnett and Marcie Hawkins, parents of Mrs. Dr. Alex Miller.

Col. James Barnett, born in Amherst county, Virginia, January 16, 1750, was a colonel in the Virginia troops, Continental Line, during the Revolution.  His wife was born August 10, 1765, and died July 13, 1847.  The children of Dr. Alexander Miller and Elizabeth Barnett were as follows:

Children of Alex and Elizabeth Miller

  1. James Barnett Miller, born June 27, 1808
  2. John Harrison Miller, born October 28, 1809
  3. Cyrus Cincinnatus Miller, born June 26, 1812
  4. Juliann Elizabeth Miller, born June 15, 1818.
  5. Fayette Morrison Miller, born June 16, 1823

J. Harrison Miller and wife Patsie A. Field.

Robert Miller and wife, Elizabeth Miller.

Dr. Alexander Miller died at the home of his son, James B. Miller, in Richmond, Kentucky, in 1877.

The following extract from the manuscript auto-biography of Dr. Alexander Miller.  It was written May 4, 1850.

I was raised in Rockingham County, State of Virginia, one of the best portions of that state.  The residents of the valley were mostly descendants of Irish and Scottish parents, attached to education, industry and morality.  Religious instruction was given principally by the Presbyterians and Methodists.  I studied medicine under the instruction of Dr. P. Harrison, in Harrisonburg, who was an eminent physician; a pious and very worthy man.  I left home for Kentucky on April 3, 1806.  I opened shop in Richmond the 15th of May 1806, rented a shop about the place where Owen Walker’s store is located.  I rented of John Burnam.  I boarded with Messrs. Robert Miller and family who, with all their connections, treated me in the kindest manner, indeed.  My large patronage from the citizens of Madison and the surrounding counties was unprecedented.  I had some opposition which, under the circumstances was advantageous in more ways than one, it kept me more circumspect in my intercourse with all I had to do, and as I was very young it made me read and study books on medicine and general science, so as to be as well prepared in my profession as possible.  I was named for my father’s father, who was a Presbyterian Clergyman, and I was early informed that I was to fill his shoes in the clerical line, but during my educational progress I took to the pursuit of medicine.

Presented by Dr. Alex Miller to his children.

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