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Margaret Willett and Moses F. Linton


Margaret Willett, wife of Moses Linton, March 5, 1830 – March 10, 1908  Gethsemani Abbey Cemetery, Nelson County, Kentucky

Today is the 163rd anniversary of the marriage of Margaret Willett, daughter of George W. S. Willett and Nancy Hancock, and Moses F. Linton, son of Moses Linton and Ann Nancy Pead.

Margaret and Moses had both previously been married, their spouses dying at a young age, and leaving no children.  Moses first married Nancy Hagan, a daughter of Edward and Mary Hagan, August 16, 1838.  His brother William Yerby Linton was married to Nancy Hagan’s sister, Mary Hagan.  Margaret Willett first married John L. Kennedy November 9, 1848, in Nelson County.  He died within a year.

Moses and Margaret had 10 children:  William Franklin, Mary Louisa Ann, John Kennedy, Joseph Charles Fenton, Susan Jane, Moses Filmore, Regina, James Curtis, Ruth Ann and Margaret Linton.  The Linton farm was part of the boundary of Gethsemani Abbey.  Many family members are buried there; Nancy’s stone is shown above.  However, Moses Linton’s grave is not to be found.  Perhaps he was buried on the farm.  He died April 4, 1876.

Abbey Map

This is a map of the property of Gethsemani Abbey.  If you look in the upper right-hand corner you will see the name Moses Linton.  His brother owned property in the lower right-hand corner listed as Mr. Linton.

Moses Linton was born in Washington County, Kentucky, his father emigrated from Loudoun County, Virginia, blazing the trail for the rest of the family soon to follow.  Moses F. Linton was the grandson of Captain John Hancock Linton and Ann Nancy Mason.  Margaret lived another 32 years, caring for the children and the grandchildren that were soon to follow.

A list of their children and spouses:

  • William Franklin Linton married Catherine Welsh, January 27, 1879, in Rockcastle County, Kentucky
  • Mary Louisa Ann Linton married George Napoleon Nalley, May 26, 1879.
  • John Kennedy Linton married Jane McCarthy.
  • Joseph Charles Fenton Linton married Annie McCarthy
  • Susan Jane Linton married William Eugene Shircliff, May 2, 1893.
  • Moses Filmore Linton, Jr., married Sarah Ann Vittitow, April 21, 1902.
  • Regina Linton did not marry.
  • James Curtis Linton married Eliza Josephine Linton, March 8, 1871.
  • Ruth Ann Linton married George Albert Burba, November 19, 1901.
  • Margaret Linton married Anthony Burns, January 25, 1909.

Today In Genealogy History – November 9, 2012

Margaret Willett and John L. Kennedy were married 164 years ago – November 9, 1848 – in Nelson County, Kentucky.  Margaret was the daughter of George W. S. Willett and Nancy Hancock.  John and Margaret were married less than a year before he died.  She married Moses F. Linton in 1850; they raised a large family together.

Louisa Mary Willett – William Yerby Linton Marriage Certificate

Louisa Mary Willett and William Yerby Linton were married February 16, 1858, in Nelson County, Kentucky.  Louisa was the daughter of George W. S. Willett and Nancy Hancock.  William was the son of Moses Linton and Ann Nancy Pead.  This was a second marriage for William and a first marriage for Louisa.  They had 5 children:  Joseph Charles, James Monroe, Marie Sophronia, Vienna Fanny and William Francis Linton.  Louisa died in 1865.  William lived almost another 30 years.

Today In Genealogy History – September 2, 2011

Margaret Willett and Moses Filmore Linton were married 161 years ago – September 2, 1850 – in Nelson County, Kentucky.  Margaret was the daughter of George W. S. Willett and Nancy Hancock.  Moses was the son of Moses Linton and Ann Nancy Pead.   Margaret and Moses had ten children:  William Franklin, Mary Louisa Ann, John Kennedy, Joseph Charles Fenton, Susan Jane, Moses Filmore, Jr., Regina, James Curtis, Ruth Ann and Margaret.

Linton Brothers from Nelson County, Kentucky

A Genealogy Hunt for Two Brothers’ Graves

Moses Linton, son of Captain John Linton and Nancy Mason, married Nancy Pead in Orange County, Virginia, December 17, 1800.  Two of their children, Benjamin Clark and Nancy Millie, were born in Loudoun County, Virginia.

In 1815 they moved their small family to Washington County, Kentucky, – three years before his parents and the rest of his brothers and sisters made the trip west.  Perhaps he was sent ahead to gather information about the land his father had purchased – and make preparations for the rest of the family’s move.

Shortly after this time Moses and Nancy moved to neighboring Nelson County.  They had three more children, sons William Yerby and Moses Filmore, and daughter, Frances Ann.  All three of these children married into the Edward Hagan family.  By Edward Hagan’s will, written November 14, 1830, and proved in court May 9, 1831, James, Polly and Nancy are proved to be his children. Frances married James Hagan May 29, 1838; William married Mary  Polly Hagan June 12, 1838; Moses married Nancy Hagan August 16, 1838 – all in the same year!

Unfortunately the women didn’t fare very well.  Moses and Nancy had no children.  In the 1850 census he is living with brother William.  Evidently Nancy had died previous to that date.  Frances Linton Hagan died February 15, 1853.  Mary Polly Hagan Linton died June 27, 1857.

Brothers Moses and William married a second time – again, to two sisters, daughters of George W. S. Willett and Nancy Hancock.  Moses Linton married Margaret Willett Kennedy, a recent widow, September 2, 1850.  William married her sister Louisa Willett February 16, 1858.  In the 1860 census William is listed as 42, with wife Louisa 21, seven children from ages 1 to 17, Ann Linton age 84 (his mother), and James Hagan age 50 (his brother-in-law).  James and Frances Linton Hagan had three children – Elizabeth, Moses and John.  They are listed in the 1850 Washington County Census living with their parents, along with their grandparents, Moses and Nancy Pead Linton.  I fear the children may have died around the same time as their mother since they are not listed with their father in the 1860 census.

William Linton owned land to the east of Gethsemani Abbey, Moses owned land northeast of the abbey.  On the map below William’s land is noted as Mr. Linton on the right side.  Moses Linton’s land is to the north and east of the Mount Olivet section.  This map is hanging in the visitor’s center at the abbey.

Both of William Linton’s wives are buried in the cemetery at Gethsemani Abbey.  Moses second wife, Margaret Willett Linton, is buried there, and most probably his first wife, Nancy Hagan Linton (although she has no gravestone marker).

Mary Louisa Willett Linton, wife of William Yerby Linton.  She died in 1865.

Mary Hagan Linton’s name is on the large stone that lists those buried in the cemetery without gravestone markers.  Unfortunately they butchered her name – she is listed as Mary Hegan Lynton!

Margaret Willett Linton, wife of Moses Linton is also buried in the abbey cemetery.

Moses Linton died April 4, 1876, of pneumonia.  William lived on for sixteen more years, dying in 1892.  The location of the graves of William and Moses Linton are a mystery.  I cannot find them.  According to the abbey’s records they are not buried there – even though their wives and many of their family members are.  Most likely they were buried on their farms – but there is no record.  I have searched for many years, and will continue to search, hopeful that one day this mystery will be solved.  Anyone out there know the answer?