St. Charles Catholic Cemetery Database

St. Charles Catholic Church, St. Mary, Marion County, Kentucky.

It’s database day!  Today I share with you a cemetery list from St. Charles Catholic Cemetery in Marion County.  This was my family parish from sixth grade until I married.  I spent many years playing organ for church, weddings and other celebrations.  My parents are buried in this cemetery, as well as my great-great-grandmother, Eleanora Lyons Smith.  Her gravestone was broken during a thunderstorm years ago when trees were blown down in a section of the cemetery.

Thomas H. Logsdon, July 16, 1841 – October 31, 1907.  Elizabeth A. Logsdon, November 11, 1847 – April 1, 1918.

There are 1262 names, alphabetically listed on the spreadsheet, along with birth and death dates, cemetery section, photo number and spouse, if applicable.  Not all newer stones are included but all buried before 1950 are included – if there is a stone.

Sacred to the memory of Edward Mattingly, 1786 – June 6, 1846.

If you have family members buried here, email the numbers of the photos you need, and I will send them.

George Washington Lancaster, October 4, 1835 – July 6, 1873.

St. Charles is located in the small community of St. Mary, in Marion County.  The parish was established in 1786 when Marylanders settled on Hardin Creek and banded together for worship.  Before a church was built, families gathered at the home of Henry Hagan.  The present church was built in 1905.

gravestones st. charles

John Coley Mattingly, 1833-1896.  Elizabeth Mattingly, his wife, 1844-1920.

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  1. The only Ray listed is Elias Richard Ray and spouse Martha Buckman. These are my g aunt & Uncle. Father of Elias Richard was Absalom Ray, buried in St Patrick’s cemetery. Elias Richard is a brother to my g grandfather John Simeon Ray.

      • Good morning,
        Thank you for this information. My great-great-great-great grandfather is buried at St. Charles cemetery in St. Mary. His name is not listed in your spreadsheet as it appears he has no stone. His son Nathaniel does have a stone and is listed. Is there any way to determine where William Thomas Bickett is buried? I would like to place a stone on his grave to honor him and for the hundreds of descendants who may wish to pay their respects. I live in Louisville and am happy to meet someone there to place a small temporary marker until an appropriate stone can be placed. I appreciate your consideration.

  2. Hi Phyllis.. We are distant cousins on the Hill side of the family. My Great Grandfather was Ezra Walker Hill and his Mother was a Brown. Anyway, My Great Grandmother on my Mom’s side was a Smith,too. Her name was Addie Smith and she married Mose Phillips. My Grandmother on my Mom’s side was Grace Hill who was Ezra Walker Hill’s first daughter out of 13 children. Anyway I was wandering if perhaps this Eleanor Lyons Smith could be kin to Addie Smith Phillips perhaps her Grandmother. Addie Smith Phillips was born in 1892 according to a 1910 census. I, too, love genealogy and my Mom and I love going to old cemeteries. Is this all just coincidence? Could be but I need to do more research on this Smith side Any recommendations would be appreciated.

  3. Ms Brown, you have again served us all well. thank you for taking the time to research, review, and publish the resting places of our Kentucky-Maryland ancestors.

  4. I have seen photo copies of my grandparents death certificates indicating they are buried at St.Charles cemetery,but they aren’t listed here. In fact,not one Brady is listed there. The Lyons name is also in our ancestry on my grandmother’s side ,who was a Bartley. I come through there ever so often to pay my respects and thank them for my life,but I guess I’ll never find out exactly where they were laid to rest.

  5. This is a great piece of work; my maternal Great Aunt and Uncle are buried in St Charles Cemetery and it was a welcome sight to see the information that is available.I have not seen any posts in the last few days (3/29/2019); have I somehow dropped off this list?

  6. Mattingly 1820 Joseph Mattingly 1760 1820 C 126 Hinton, Hessina

    I would love it if you happen to have a photo showing Hessina on the gravestone. I found Joseph’s online but not Hessina’s.

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