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1810-1813 Marriage Returns of William Sturman of Washington County

I hereby certify that agreeable to license produced to me I have solemnized the rites of matrimony between the following persons:

  • Mark Coulter and Nancy Taylor – December 20th 1810
  • William Shoemaker and Lucinda Shoemaker – February 13th 1811
  • James Shoemaker and Sally Taylor – February 27th 1811
  • James Strange and Betsy Morgan – April 2, 1811
  • William Booth and Susannah Jacobs – April 11th 1811
  • John Riddle and Polly Baker – June 25th 1811
  • William Thompson and Anne Farris – September 17th 1811
  • James Davis and Jane Coburn – September 23rd 1811
  • Major Farris and Sally Graham – 31st day October 1811
  • Dudley Taylor and Nancy Lawson – February 12th 1811 (1812?)
  • Charles Thompson and Patsey Peters – April 23rd 1812

Given under my hand, William Sturman

Washington County, Kentucky

Indenture from James and Ann Davis to Alexander Lewis

This is an addition to an Indenture, made in Mercer County, Kentucky, January 11, 1797, to an original indenture from April 27, 1790, between James and Ann Davis and Alexander Lewis.  Dick’s River as they mention in the indenture is known as Dix River today.

This Indenture made this 11th day of January 1797 between James Davis and Ann, his wife, of Clark County, of the one part, and Alexander Lewis, of the other part.  Witnesseth that whereas by a certain indenture of bargain and sale by the said James and Ann to the said Alexander Lewis made and executed on the 26th day of April 1790, and acknowledged before the Court of Mercer County, and ordered to be recorded on the 27th day of April 1790, it was the intent and meaning of the said James and Ann that the tract of land therein mentioned to contain one hundred and eighty acres, should adjoin to and bend on Dicks River as it meanders from the lower to the upper corners thereof and we, the said James and Ann, still being desirous that those our intentions should be fully understood and made manifest have hereunto set our hands and affixed our seals the day and date first above written and desire that the same shell be recorded and considered as a part of the Indenture herein referred to.

James Davis, Ann Davis

Executed in the presence of Joseph Davis, Ambrose Gordon, Jeremiah Brown, Thomas Wood

Mercer County            August County Court 1797

This Indenture was proved to be the act and deed of James Davis, a party thereto by the oaths of Joseph Davis, Jeremiah Brown and Ambrose Gordon, three subscribing witnesses thereto and is ordered to be recorded.                   Thomas Allin, County Clerk

Deed Book 3, Page 322

Will of William McBride – Killed At the Battle of Blue Licks

William McBride was born January 5, 1744, in Fauquier County, Virginia, and died August 19, 1782, in Blue Licks, Nicholas County, Kentucky.  He was the son of William McBride, Sr., and Sarah ?  He married Martha Lapsley October 17, 1765, in Augusta County, Virginia.  William McBride made his will in October of 1781, and died a year later, almost to the day, at the Battle of Blue Licks, one of the last battles of the Revolutionary War – after Lord Cornwallis had surrendered in October 1781 at Yorktown.

Lincoln County, Virginia (Kentucky) Will Book 1, Pages 7-9

In the Name of God amen.  I, William McBride, of Lincoln County and Commonwealth of Virginia, being in perfect health and of sound mind and memory, but calling to mind the mortality of my body and that it is appointed for all men once to die, and first I recommend my body to the earth to be buried in a Christian manner at the discretion of my Executors, hereafter to be appointed, and my soul I Commend into the hands of almighty God, who gave it me, and as to which worldly goods God has been pleased to bless me with in this life I give and devise in manner following.  To wit, and first, I require that all my just debts be paid or discharged.

Item.  I give and bequeath unto Martha McBride, my well beloved wife, one Negro wench due to me from Hubbert Taylor and one good mare to be 20 pounds value old rate, a good side saddle and feather bed and furniture and all the ? furniture as also an equal third of my cattle and further she is to have all the utensils for husbandry and privileges of supplying the plantation I now live on to enjoy during her widowhood, as also a Negro man due to me from said Taylor.

Item.  I give and bequeath unto my two

beloved sons, William and Lapsley McBride, all singular my lands not otherwise devised to be equally divided between them, as also all the horses and cattle not already bequeathed and all the utensils for husbandry together with the Negro men and the plantation at the said Martha McBride’s death or marriage, whichever may happen first, as also the above said wench and her increase, if any, to be equally divided between said William and Lapsley McBride at their mother’s death and provided either of said sons should die before they come of age the survivor to be heir to the deceased.  I further require that my Executors do sell 300 acres of land (for the best advantage) this due me from John McEntire as will more plainly appear by a bond on said McEntire for said land the money arising from said sale to be applied in purchasing cattle and other necessarys for my daughter hereafter named.

Item.  I give and bequeath unto each of my beloved daughters, Sarah, Martha, Elizabeth and Mary, a good feather bed and furniture, a silk gown and other clothing suitable so as to make up one decent suit to each, four cows and a good horse and saddle each, with dresser furniture proportionable to each, also a new Bible and Confession of Faith to each, these legacies to be paid to each of my daughters when they come to twenty years of age or at their marriages as they be arrived at eighteen years, to be paid by my sons William and Lapsley McBride, or by my Executors out of said estate, and I do hereby constitute and appoint my well-beloved wife Martha McBride, John Lapsley and James Davis, Executors of this my last Will and Testament and to see to it that my children may be properly educated and brought up in a Christian manner, hereby revoking and disannulling all former wills, testaments and bequests heretofore made, ratifying and declaring this to be my Last Will and Testament, in witness whereof I have hereunto set my hand and seal this 3rd day of October 1781.  Sealed and declared in presence of James Curd, John Marshall, James Calley.

William McBride

At a Court held for Lincoln County 21st January 1783 this instrument of writing was exhibited into Court as the last Will and Testament of William McBride, deceased, and proved by the oaths of James Curd and John Marshall, two of the witnesses and ordered to be recorded.

Captain Darwin Bell Biography

from Kentucky – A History of the State, Perrin, 1884

Christian County

Captain Darwin Bell

Among the many hospitable and genial men of Christian County, there are none to be found more companionable that the gentleman whose name appears at the head of this sketch.  He was born, January 1, 1828, in the first house reared in Christian county, Kentucky, where James Davis made his pioneer settlement.  His father, Dr. John F. Bell, was born in Orange County, Virginia, in 1796; removed to Christian County, Kentucky, in 1810, where he died in 1878; he was a prominent physician of extensive information, and in his life amassed a fine property.  Dr. John F. Bell was the son of Captain John Bell, a Revolutionary soldier of Orange County, Virginia, who died in 1805, at the age of sixty-eight years.  Captain John was the son of William Bell, of Orange County, where he died.  William was the son of John Bell, who emigrated from Ireland in an early day.  Subject’s mother, Catherine B. Bocock, daughter of Douglas and Mildred Bocock, of Albemarle County, Virginia, was born in 1805, and died in Christian County, Kentucky, in 1838.  To her and her husband, Dr. John F. Bell, were born:  Elizabeth M., John H., subject, Evelina M. (Quarles), Fannie S. (Henry), Cincinnatus D., Catherine B. and Mary A. (Henry).  Subject was married, December 28, 1857, to Miss Mary W., daughter of Charles H. Meriwether, of Albemarle County, Virginia, and to them have been born:  Catherine E. (Manson), Gilmer M., Margaret (Williams) and John F.  Captain Bell’s educational advantages were of the best that the county afforded, and he has continued his habits as a student, having a fine and extensive library, until he is regarded by others as one of the best posted men in southern Kentucky.  At the age of eighteen years, in 1847, Mr. Bell enlisted in Company A., Texas Rangers, Chevallier’s Battalion, at San Antonio, and entered General Taylor’s army, and remained in service until July, 1848, when he was mustered out at Camargo, Mexico.  In 1861 he entered, as Lieutenant, Company A., 1st Kentucky Cavalry, and was soon promoted to the rank of Captain, which position he held until the end of the late war.

Mercer County, Kentucky, Marriage Bonds

Mercer County, Kentucky, Marriage Bonds

  • Daniel, John and Biddy Sparrow married March 2, 1790
  • Daniel, Nathaniel and Susannah Eberley married December 11, 1802
  • Daniel, William and Susanna Burton married September 19, 1810
  • Darnall, Smith and Elizabeth Travis married August 30, 1786
  • Daugherty, John and Dorcas Evans married May 30, 1808
  • Daugherty, Samuel and Chloe Latimar married September 29, 1795, bride’s father Samuel Latimar
  • Davenport, Richard and Elizabeth Tadlock married January 21, 1798, bride’s father John Tadlock
  • Davis, Amos and Dicey Evans married April 2, 1810
  • Davis, Charles and Catherine Tethero married January 19, 1795
  • Davis, George and Elizabeth Sparrow married Jun 27, 1805
  • Davis, George and Sally Bilbo married December 31, 1808
  • Davis, James and Elizabeth Sanders married September 20, 1791, bride’s parents John and Susanna Sanders
  • Davis, James and Sally Boucher married October 21, 1796
  • Davis, Jesse and Polly Hayes married September 4, 1809
  • Davis, John and Catherine Bice married March 12, 1798, bride’s father Dennis Bice
  • Davis, John and Fanny Swift married January 14, 1794, bride’s father James Swift
  • Davis, John and Mary Fisher married April 23, 1787
  • Davis, Mark and Susanna Johnston married July 8, 1801
  • Davis, Richard and Jane Fulkerson married August 26, 1802, bride’s father John Fulkerson
  • Davis, Robert and  Ann Troy married September 13, 1796
  • Davis, Robert and Elizabeth Davis married January 24, 1787, bride’s parents William and Mary Davis
  • Davis, Robert and Polly Robards married December 27, 1797, bride’s father William Robards
  • Davis, Samuel and Dolly Gaines married January 4, 1790, bride’s father William Gaines
  • Davis, Samuel and Elizabeth Mayhall married September 22, 1791, bride’s father William Mayhall
  • Davis, Samuel and Hannah McAfee married September 27, 1810, bride’s mother Hannah McAfee
  • Davis, Sirus and Sally Davis married June 21, 1797, bride’s father Geffrey Davis
  • Davis, Solomon and Isabelle Doke married April 19, 1803, bride’s father John Doke
  • Davis, Stephen and Betsy Moore married October 30, 1809
  • Davis, Theodore and Aley Huggins married December 21, 1794, groom’s father James Davis
  • Davis, Thomas T. and Eliza Robards married May 29, 1792, bride’s father William Robards
  • Davison, Thomas and Susa Butler married December 27, 1791
  • Day, Edmund and Ann Hamner married October 6, 1802
  • Day, Valentine and Elizabeth Adams married July 31, 1809
  • Dean, Job and Nancy Isbell married January 7, 1807
  • Dean, Joseph and Rachel Kinney married December 22, 1807
  • Dean, William and Anne Boles married June 14, 1802
  • Dean, William and Ann Kelly married March 28, 1796
  • Deavenport, John and Joanna Crutchfield married April 18, 1800
  • Debaun, Joseph and Sarah Waperson married November 27, 1788
  • Debond, George and Priscilla Robertson married October 27, 1809, bride’s parents John and Ann Robertson
  • Debond, Samuel and Polly Divine married March 8, 1800
  • Decker, Caleb and Margaret Boothe married December 15, 1804
  • Decker, Ezekiel and Esther Booth married August 29, 1805, groom’s father William Decker, bride’s father William Booth, Sr.
  • Decker, John and Jenny Arnett married June 7, 1806
  • Decker, John and Rachel Tolly married June 16, 1806, bride’s father William Tolly
  • Demaree, Cornelius and Polly Vanarsdell married September 22, 1808, bride’s mother Ally Vanarsdell
  • Demaree, Daniel and Sity Vanderveer married April 7, 1807, groom’s father Cornelius Demaree
  • Demeree, David and Rachel Brunner married March 7, 1791, bride’s father Peter Brunner
  • Demaree, James and Nancy Clemmons Blanton married December 28, 1795
  • Demaree, Samuel and Mary Cozine married January 10, 1788
  • Demaree, Samuel R. and Nancy McCormack married March 22, 1806