Douglass Lot 70 In Cave Hill Cemetery – Jefferson County

Cave Hill Cemetery is located on Baxter Avenue in Louisville, Kentucky.  There are 296 acres, 49 of which were sold to the cemetery in 1863 by the Douglass family.  It came with an agreement that the fence around the family lot would remain.  Let me share my photos with you today.

Drusilla Rutherford Douglass, born March 1, 1809, died December 10, 1852.  George Lattimore Douglass, born October 18, 1808, died October 8, 1889.

Ellen Lisle Douglass, born 6th January 1837, died 17th March 1837.  William Douglass, born 22nd March 1832, died 22nd October 1857.  Lemira S. Douglass, born 15th April, 1838, died 28th July 1859.  Sally R. Carter, born 8th June 1834, died 19th July 1908.  Children of George and Drusilla Douglass.

Infant Ellen Lisle Douglass

The following are children of Sally Rutherford Douglass Carter and husband Kearsley Carter.

George Douglass Carter, born May 30, 1859, died February 23, 1860.

William Douglass Carter, 1861-1931.  Julia Winn Carter, 1861-1926.

Kearsley Carter, Jr., 1862-1935.

Stuart R. Carter, 1874-1938

Thomas P. langdon, February 24, 1845-November 23, 1903.  Drusilla Carter Langdon, February 19, 1865-November 14, 1917.

The following could be a brother and nephew of Drusilla Rutherford Douglass.

John M. Rutherford, born February 10, 1813, died January 3, 1852.  John M. Rutherford, his infant son.

Douglass Family Plot, Cave Hill Cemetery, Louisville, Jefferson County, Kentucky.



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