Marriage Records

1810-1813 Marriage Returns of William Sturman of Washington County

I hereby certify that agreeable to license produced to me I have solemnized the rites of matrimony between the following persons:

  • Mark Coulter and Nancy Taylor – December 20th 1810
  • William Shoemaker and Lucinda Shoemaker – February 13th 1811
  • James Shoemaker and Sally Taylor – February 27th 1811
  • James Strange and Betsy Morgan – April 2, 1811
  • William Booth and Susannah Jacobs – April 11th 1811
  • John Riddle and Polly Baker – June 25th 1811
  • William Thompson and Anne Farris – September 17th 1811
  • James Davis and Jane Coburn – September 23rd 1811
  • Major Farris and Sally Graham – 31st day October 1811
  • Dudley Taylor and Nancy Lawson – February 12th 1811 (1812?)
  • Charles Thompson and Patsey Peters – April 23rd 1812

Given under my hand, William Sturman

Washington County, Kentucky

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