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1796 Will of Joshua Blanton of Garrard County

Joshua Blanton came to Kentucky from Prince Edward County, Virginia.  In the 1790 census of that county, he was listed with ‘fourteen white souls’, one dwelling and five other buildings. 

Daughter Betsy married Lewis Hawks 22 September 1786 in Prince Edward County.  Fanny married William Blanton (a cousin ?) 2 May 1798 in Garrard County.  Elijah married Mary McKee 16 September 1813 in Jessamine County.  Jesse married Sarah Cozine 28 October 1800 in Shelby County.  Son Joshua married Elizabeth Nelson 25 April 1795 in Mercer County.

Garrard County Will Book A, Pages 4-5

In the name of God, amen.  I, Joshua Blanton, of Mercer County and State of Kentucky, of sound memory, do make this my last will and testament.

Item.  I lend to my wife, Lucy Blanton, the land whereon I now live, with all the negroes, stock and household furniture that I may die possessed of, with all other of my property that may be on the said plat at my death.

Item.  I give and bequeath to my sons, Jesse, Joshua and Billy, my tract of land lying in Jefferson County of one hundred and twenty-seven acres, to be equally divided between them, said sons Jesse, Joshua and Billy.

Item.  I give and bequeath to my son Elijah the land whereon I now live at the death of my wife, Lucy.

Item.  I give to my son John five shillings.  All the other property that may be at the death of my wife I give to my daughters – Amy, Polly, Diny, Betsy, Fanny, Nancy and Patsy, to be divided between the said daughters, with a deduction to Betsy of thirty-five pounds which I have

Before given her as also twenty pounds to Lucy before given in part of their portions.

I appoint my wife Lucy Blanton, my son, Joshua Blanton and my friends Lewis Hawks and James Speed to be Executrix and Executors of this my last will and testament.  All my just debts are to be paid immediately after my death and the money left to be divided between my daughters that have received no part of their portion.

In witness whereof, I hereunto set my hand and seal this 21st day of July one thousand seven hundred and ninety-six.

Joshua Y. Blanton

Witnesses – Polly S. Hopkins, Cumberland Hart, Henry Speed

At a court held for the County of Garrard at the court house on Monday the 7th August 1796, the last will and testament of Joshua Blanton, deceased, was proved by the oath of Cumberland Hart and Henry Speed, witnesses thereto and it is ordered to be recorded.

1796 Mercer County Marriages by John Rice

Scan034 1A minister’s list of marriages for 1796 in Mercer County, Kentucky.  Several have no first name for the bride.  I suppose we are lucky to have this much saved from such a long time ago!

A List of Marriages for 1796

  • John Vanhice and Letty Canine – 22 December
  • Levi Hale and Catherine Tucker – 22 May
  • David Thompson and Melinda Newell – 7 December
  • Samuel Hendrickson and Elizabeth Hitts – 3 April
  • William Armstrong and Elizabeth Robertson – no date (3 April?)
  • Robert Burton and Margaret Forgerson – 26 March
  • Augustine England and Savanna Fulsher – 4 November
  • John Jackson and ? Asberry – 7 April
  • John McBrayers and Nancy Cole – no date (7 April?)
  • Benjamin Pullam and Anne Cason – 8 December
  • William Dean and Anne Kelly – 7 March
  • William Merideth and Margaret Beryl – 1 December
  • Samuel McAfee and Mary Cardwell – 4 April
  • Josiah Turpin and Elizabeth Mires – 1 May
  • Jesse McGuire and Elizabeth Butter – 25 November
  • Peter Noell and Lamey Vanarsdall – 28 July
  • Thomas Christian and Sally Drane – 9 September
  • Samuel Woods and Nancy Guthrie – 21 August
  • William Renals and Elizabeth Fuget – 3 August
  • John Cardwell and Ann McAfee – 18 August
  • Robert Davis and Ann Troy – 14 September
  • George Horine and Nancy Higgins – 10 May
  • Silas Robertson and Sally Carle – 28 August
  • Joshua Blanton and Elizabeth Nelson – 23 April
  • Samuel Cull and Betsey Davis – 22 December
  • William Smothers and ? Burcham – 10 May
  • James Davis and Sally Boucher – 27 November
  • Abraham McKinney and Eleanor Prather – 7 July
  • Cornelius Vanhice and Mary Carvart – 17 November
  • William Timberlake and Sarah Thompson – 23 April
  • Lambert Gorton and Jenny Ballentine – 22 June
  • James Lyon and Margaret Springate – 13 May
  • Peter Dermot and Mary Terhune – 19 December
  • Robert Pendleton Steinburgan and Mary McGary – 1 December
  • George Markwood and Peggy Adams – 17 November
  • John Irvin and Jenny Robertson – 3 June
  • John Carr and Jenny Elder – 29 September