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1782 Will of Nathaniel Hart

This 1782 will of Nathaniel Hart is interesting in several ways.  Kentucky is still part of the state of Virginia at this point, and it is divided into only three counties – Lincoln, Jefferson and Fayette.  Nathaniel Hart owns land in each of the three counties.  The will doesn’t list the number of acres, but it must have been a substantial amount since he gives each of his nine children about 1,000 acres!

Nathaniel Hart lost his life in the Indian warfare of the state.  He was born in Hanover, Pennsylvania, in 1734.  He died July 22, 1782, near Boonesboro, Kentucky.

Lincoln County, Kentucky – Will Book 1, Pages 4-5

hart-willIn the name of God amen.  The twenty-seventh of June 1782.  I, Nathaniel Hart, of Lincoln County, Virginia, being in sound and perfect health and memory do dispose of my temporal estate in manner and form following.  First.  I appoint my well beloved wife Sarah Hart, my two sons, Simpson Hart and Nathaniel Hart, and my two brothers, David Hart and Thomas Hart, executors and overseers of this my last will and testament, and my will and desire is that my said executors or overseers, sell off so soon as they shall think fit so much of my real and personal estate as shall be sufficient to pay off all my just debts as well as all the expenses that shall be necessary towards the surveying the several tracts of land I now claim, either by settlement, presumption entry, purchase or otherwise in the counties of Lincoln, Jefferson, Fayette, and my will and desire is that my executors before mentioned give to each of my nine children, To wit, Keziah Thompson, Susannah Hart, Simpson Hart, Nathaniel Hart, John Hart, Mary Ann Hart, Cumberland Hart, Chinai Hart and Thomas Richard Green Hart, each as they come of age or marry, a good likely young Negro, a good horse and saddle, a good feather bed and furniture and a good tract of land not to exceed

hart-will-2one thousand acres, as near equal in values may be, which said tract of land and other things  so allotted Thomas aforesaid, I give and bequeath to them and to each of them respectively to their respective heirs forever, and I leave all my children under the tuition and care of my beloved wife, to be educated according to their several circumstances for which and other purposes I lend to my said wife all the residue of my real and personal estate during her life or widowhood and at her death or marriage, my will and desire is that all my estate, both real and personal be equally divided amongst my said nine children or then living or their lawful heirs if deceased, and if either of my nine children should die without heirs of their body lawfully begotten my will and desire that their part so allotted or given them as aforesaid equally divided amongst my other children then living and whereas it now remains a doubt whether my wife is now with child or not, my will and desire is that in case she should be delivered of a living child my executors before mentioned give it a legacy in every respect equal to those allotted my other nine children.  And I hereby revoke and disannul all other wills formerly made by me in testimony whereof I have hereunto set my hand and seal the day and year first above written.  Signed, sealed and published in the presence of William Calk, Nicholas George, Nicholas Anderson.

Nathaniel Hart

At a Court held for Lincoln County the 22nd of January 1783

This instrument of writing was exhibited in Court as the last will and testament of Nathaniel Hart, deceased, and proved by the oaths of Nicholas George and Nicholas Anderson and ordered to be recorded.

Test.  William May, Clerk

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  1. Was Sarah pregnant when Nathaniel was killed? Did she have one more child – who could have been my 3x great grandmother Margaret Hart who married Joseph Lewis (son of Abraham Lewis – a first settler) in 1797.

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