Marriage Records

1854-1855 Marriages – Muhlenberg County

#1105 – Berry T. Mathis to Ann E. Allen, married solemnized December 9, 1854, at the clerk’s office by Right Rev. John Walker in the presence of Mr. Jones, W. P. Hancock, A. H. Williams, F. B. Hancock and Thomas J. Jones.  B. J. Mathis born in Sumner County, Tennessee, age 23.  Ann E. Allen born in Hopkins County, Kentucky, age 19.

#1106 – Christopher Shanks to Elizabeth Shanks, marriage solemnized November 30, 1854, at Anderson Balls by Rev. William Bennett in presence of Browning Ingram and William Suddanth.

#1107 – Alford T. Moon to Harriet A. Harper, married solemnized December 6, 1854, at the house of Susan Harper, in the presence of A. Moon, William Slaughter and by the Rev. A. M. Shetlow.

#1108 – William Irvin to Maria M. Earle at Mrs. Jane Earle’s in the presence of John Earle and Samuel W. Earle, marriage solemnized by Rev. Thomas M. Penick on 5th day of December 1854.

#1109 – James Martin to Elizabeth J. Bell, marriage solemnized on the 12th December 1854, at Mr. Bell’s and in the presence of James Dennis and William McCowan, by the Rev. James Morris.

#1110 – John H. Martin to Mrs. Mary E. Kingsley, marriage solemnized on the 14th December 1854, by Rev. James Morris in presence of Mary E. Myers and Mary A. Baker, at the house of Mrs. Kingsley.

#1111 – William T. Bivin to Miss Louisa Shutts, marriage solemnized December 21, 1843, by Rev. A. M. Shelton, at the house of Mrs. Jonathan Shutts, in presence of W. Bivin, John Bivin.

#1112 – Drury Mayhew to Miss Frances M. Lovell, marriage solemnized 27 November 1854 by Rev. Samuel M. Wilkins, at the house of Michael Lovell, Muhlenberg County, in presence of Sarah Lovell, J. Miles Pittman and Sarah A. Lovell.

#1113 – Jesse Jackson to Miss Louisa Stone at Thomas Smith’s house in Muhlenberg, in presence of William Casebier and David Roll by the Rev. M. H. Cattey on the 4th January 1855.

#1114 – John F. Castlebury to Miss Dorcas Ann Cissell at the house of F. Cissell by Rev. M. H. Cattey in the presence of David Casebier and John Robertson and on the 10th January 1855.

#1115 – Francis E. Knobley to Miss Ann E. Morehead by Rev. J. R. Allen of B. C. on the thirteenth day of October 1854, at the house of C. Morehead in this county in presence of Mrs. Margaret Nicholas and Bluford Calvert.

#1116 – Henry C. Bell to Miss Eliza J. Hay at the house of Wiley J. Hay on the 26th November 1854 by Rev. M. H. Cattey in the presence of James M. Cower and Wm. Hay.

#1117 – John H. Dukes to Miss Amanda Jane Moon Marago, solemnized by Rev. John Walker at J. Dukes in the presence of W. H. Rice, J. L. Dukes and B. S. Dukes, on the 17January 1855.

#1118 – S. M. Holeman to Miss Mary E. Russell, by Rev. M. H. Cattey on the 29th of January 1855, at the house of Mr. Russell, in the presence of Joseph Adcock and John F. Castleberry.

#1119 – Marriage solemnized by A. Boyd on the 28th November 1854 between William Short, aged about 25 years, and Nancy Miller, aged about 22 years, at the house of Isaac Miller and in the presence of James and Satera Grundy.

#1120 – Marriage solemnized by A. Boyd on the fifth of September between William Hart, aged 50 years, widower, and Lavinia Roark, aged 45 years, widow, at the house of John Roark, in the presence of John and Nancy Roark.

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