Family Stories

Who Is This Gentleman?

Of all the pictures in my great-grandmother’s box, this is the only one that is nameless.  My heart hurts that we do not know this gentleman’s name!  What a handsome man he is!  Such beautiful hair and eyes.  If I had to guess I would say this is my great-great-grandfather Edward Edwards Linton who married Catherine Elizabeth Taylor.  But I cannot say this with certainty. 

I have several  daguerreotypes similar to this one – including William Linton and Eliza Lyon Moran Linton (Edward’s parents).  Dating the photographs by the clothing worn, I believe they were taken in the late 1840’s or early 1850’s.  Edward Linton would have been 24 to 28 years of age at this time.  How many of you think this gentleman looks to be that age?  He did not marry until 1852 which may explain why there was no picture of his wife taken at the same time.

My only quandary with this theory is my great-grandmother would definitely have known her own father.  Perhaps she did not label this one simply because of that?  I may never have a definite answer, but he inspires me to keep searching!

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  1. I believe if you take into consideration the men of that era looked much older then they would now. With the beautiful frame around it, you may be right about this being her father. Does he resemble your William at all? Any particular feature that may stick out to make you think it is him.I know assuming is not part of Genealogy, but then again, sometimes a brick wall such as this can never be broken.

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