Linton Lewis Moran and Wife Sarah J. Rawlings


This is the 120th anniversary of the death of Linton Lewis Moran.  He died at the age of 69 on May 14, 1891.  Born March 17, 1822, he was the son of William Moran and Susan Linton.  Susan was the daughter of Captain John Linton and Nancy Mason.  William and Susan Moran are buried in the Linton Cemetery, although Susan has no gravestone to commemorate her death.

Linton L. Moran married Sarah J. Rawlings.  Their children were James L. Moran, born 13 Jul 1859, who married Katie E. Janes; William Franklin Clinton Moran, born 18 May 1863, who married Louise Hayden; and Susan Margaret Moran, born 30 Sep 1872, who married James Franklin Head.

Linton Lewis and Sarah J. Rawlings Moran are buried in the
Springfield City Cemetery.  She preceded him in death on 17 Jun 1888.  Both stones are deteriorated, but hers is barely readable – and these pictures were taken about ten years ago.

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  1. I believe James L Moran 1st married, Martha J Green 25 Oct 1881 @ Lebabnon. witness: Andrew Offutt, Edward Linton, Beven Green & John Waters. Martha, I believe, was the daughter of Basil Green & Jane Linton. She died in 1883. I do not know where she is buried and I do not have proof of her parents but Beaven Green (one of the witness) was a son of Basil and Jane.
    James LInton & Kate Janes were married 8 Aug 1888 @ Pleasant Grove church, witnesses: Nathan Janes & wife, Lizzie Noe

    • Just a quick reply on one point. John M. Moran is a brother to Eliza Moran Linton, Jane’s mother. So it was her uncle that signed the marriage bond. William Linton, Jane’s father, was not a well man. I don’t know if it was alcohol or an actual illness, but in Captain John Linton’s will he put William’s part of the inheritance in the hands of William’s brother, John Hancock Linton, for the use of William’s wife and family. It would make perfect sense that William would not sign the marriage bond for his daughter. However, this was the practice many times. Uncles, brothers, grandfathers, etc., signed marriage bonds – it was not always a father.

      William Linton did not leave a will. His brother, John Hancock Linton, died only two years after Captain John Linton. In 1850 in the Washington County Court Order Book there is a conveyance of rights to Edward Linton, brother to Jane, son of William, that turns everything over to him to take care of his father. It lists all the children and specifically says “Basil Green and Jane his wife”. There is absolutely no doubt that the Jane Linton that married Basil Green is the daughter of William and Eliza Lyon Moran Linton. I will try to do a blog on this in the next few days.

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