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Today In Genealogy History – August 7, 2011

William Peter Montgomery was born 178 years ago – August 7, 1833 – in Washington County, Kentucky.  He was the son of William Peter Montgomery and Mary Polly Yates.  His father died two months before his birth during the cholera epidemic.  William Peter Montgomery married Martha Ann Carrico December 20, 1862.  Together they had ten children.

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  1. I have a Matilda Catherine Dillehay born 1811 in Washington County KY who married Edward Carrico Feb 24, 1835 in Washington County, KY. Brother William Slater Dillehay is my direct ancestor. I am looking for a confirmed connection between William Slater and the Maryland Dillehay’s. This Matilda Catherine Dillehay may be a descendant of my Matilda Catherine Dillehay. Can anyone confirm this connection?


    • Don, I apologize, but I was thinking one thing and typing another! William Peter Montgomery, above, married Martha Ann Carrico. I have corrected my mistake. However, Matilda Catherine Dillehay is the mother of Martha Ann Carrico. Matilda married Edward Carrico February 24, 1835, in Washington County, Kentucky. Matilda’s father was John C. Dillehay. I do know they came from Maryland. I hate making a mistake like this, but if I hadn’t we would never have connected with our Dillehay’s!

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