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Letter From Africa – 1943

Note by Phyllis Brown:  Robert Carrico was my mother’s oldest brother.  He entered World War II in 1941, arriving at Camp Hulen, Texas.  Robert was killed in action on Anzio Beach, Sicily, Italy, September 14, 1944.  He was 23 years old.  He was buried at Nettuno Cemetery.  Robert was awarded the purple heart.  This is one of his letters:

Tuesday,  June 22, 1943

North Africa

Hello Mom, Dad and Family,

How are you all by now?  I am getting along fine so far.  Did you get my last letter I wrote you?  We have moved from where we were stationed at the time I wrote that letter.  While we were there we did get a few passes to town for a change.  I
haven’t received my watch and pen yet and I am sure anxious to get them.  The news we hear about the coal strikes doesn’t sound very good.  I don’t see why
they can’t get things going at least while we are fighting a war.  All the other news we hear sounds pretty good and I hope it won’t be long until the war is over.

Well, I may get another rating.  I haven’t as yet, but think I will so that will be a little more money for me and I expect to save all I possibly can.  Some of the boys were up on the coast yesterday and they met a few boys from around there.  They said one wanted to know how I was making it.  I think it was Manuel Smith’s boy, but I am not sure.

It sure seems like we have been over here a long time now.  This is about our fourth month over seas.  You know we were in Ireland six months and England almost one and the rest of the time in Africa, but we were on the water for three weeks getting here.  Allen Hamilton wrote me a letter and I lost the address.  Do you know what it is?  I would like to write to him.  As this is all I know to write for this time I will close.  Write soon.

Love to all,


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  1. My father, Charles McChord Carrico, Sr., of Marion County, KY was also at Camp Hulen, and also saw action at Anzio, Sicily and North Africa. He was at Camp Hulen when I was born in April, 1942 in Bay City, TX and shipped out a few days later. He survived the war, was awarded a Purple Heart and died of a heart attack on his 24th wedding anniversary on 12/26/1961 in Lebanon.

    • I know when my Uncle Robert went off to war there were two other men from the area that went at the same time. I think one was a Parrott from Springfield and the other could possibly have been someone from Marion County. I just can’t find that information right now. Wouldn’t it be amazing if it were your father? I’ll keep you informed.

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