Cartwright’s Creek Burying Ground

From Pioneer History of Washington County, Kentucky

Old Graveyards In The County by O. W. Baylor

Cartwright’s Creek

This old burying ground once in Washington County, but now just over the line in Marion, will be found on a hill just off Short Line Pike, near the junction of the two head branches of Cartwright’s Creek.The burying ground may be reached from Lebanon via the highway from that place to Perryville, turning off on the Short Line Pike, and traveling for but a short distance.  The graveyard is on the right hand side of this road when approached from this direction.  From Springfield, one may travel out the road which leads to Perryville, turning off on Gordon’s Lane, thence to intersect the Short Line Pike near Pleasant Run Church, turn right, and travel for several miles, crossing a bridge just beyond the Cartwright’s Creek school house.  Entrance to the burying ground is just beyond the bridge.

There are many graves, the majority, however, without identifying stones.  The yard is in a very bad state of repair, the stones lying down and scattered about.  In the center of the burying ground, there is a large hog wallow and stock of all kind tread over the graves.

Many years ago, a meeting house stood here.  It was known as the Cartwright’s Creek Baptist Church.  A few old logs are lying near to where the meeting house stood, apparently in the center of the burying ground.  Traces of the old road which extended from the pike, up the hill to the meeting house, are yet very clear.

The Inscribed Stones:

Joseph Whitehead, born April 12, 1765; died October 4, 1834, aged 69 years.

Nancy Baggley, born January 3, 1812; died August 9, 1857.

George F. Northcraft, born May 1, 1844; died December 27, 1875.

John F. Northcraft, born Jun 2, 1821; died October 9, 1859.

John I., son of E. B. and L. O. Dillingham, born August 17, 1867; death date gone as stone is broken.

Sallie A. Dillingham, born January 21, 1816; died March 6, 1895.

James W. Edmondson, died February 16, 1863, age 29 years, 9 months.

Catherine, wife of William Edmondson, born September 1, 1788; died October 31, 1870.

Maria J. Edmondson, born December 17, 1820, died April 5, 1878.

William Edmondson, born February 12, 1817; died March 4, 1862.

Laura A. R., wife of C. B. Mudd, born April 15, 1820; died May 18, 1866.

Edward B., son of J. E. and S. A. Dillingham, born January 21, 1844; died July 24, 1869.

Delila Clark, wife of H. H. Clark, born December 15, 1824; died March 9, 1863.

Sarah J., wife of James S. Stallings, died January 31, 1857; age 25 years, 4 months.

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  1. Would like to have a map layout of the tombstones. I know where the cemetery is. There are several more stones that can’t be identified.

    • Eric I thought I knew the location of the burying ground is but reading this description I am now unsure. My uncle, Roy Clark, who died three years ago at age 94 took me to a grave yard on a hill above Cartwright Creen on his farm and showed me a couple tombstones that he said was the Cartwright Burying Ground. If you know where it is I’d love to hear from you.

      Spencer Clark

  2. I was trying to find where my ancestors William Riggs and Ann Stayton owned 400 acres on Cartwright Creek I know that it was in Washington county that became Marion County does anyone know where it might have been

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