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Aquilla Whitacre, Biography

Taken from the History of Johnson County, Iowa

AQUILLA WHITACRE, was born at Hopewell, near Winchester, Virginia, the 7th of 9th month, 1797, and removed with his parents, Robert and Patience Whitacre, in 1805, near to Miami Monthly Meeting at Waynesville, Warren County, Ohio. In 1820, or near that date, he was united in marriage with Ruth Anna Potts, daughter of Samuel and Mary Potts. After the death of his first wife, which was in the year 1838, he was united in marriage with Ann Cook, daughter of Abram and Ruth Cook, in the spring of the year 1844; died April 23, 1876. In 10th month, 7th, 1865, certificates were received for him, his wife, and minor children, at Wapsononoc Monthly Meeting, Iowa, from Miami Monthly Meeting, Ohio. Three years afterwards, through his influence, a meeting house
was built, and an indulged meeting established at Highland, Johnson County, Iowa, and at his death he bequeathed funds to build an addition, which has been done, a preparative meeting established there, and the monthly meeting held alternatively there, and at West Liberty. Soon after his removal to Iowa, he was appointed to the station of Elder, which station he filled until the time of his death, and of him it may be truly said, “He was indeed a Father in Israel.” He was divinely inspired with the true spirit of discernment which enabled him to judge rightly in reference to the ministry, sometimes in a feeling manner, to extend a word of caution or reproof, at other times when any of the little ones were in a low, discouraged state, he could enter into feeling with them, and as a true father, he was sent by his Divine Master to extend to them timely words of encouragement, to stimulate them to persevere in well-doing, to faithfully obey the impressions of duty, and thus receive the sure penny of reward. He was one who was not only able, but willing, to be useful to his fellow beings, by rendering them pecuniary aid, when such aid was required. Being kind and benevolent in disposition, he was well calculated to do much good in the community in which he lived. Being of a social, genial disposition, it was a real pleasure to be in his company. Carrying out both by precept and example, those lovely traits of a true christian character, he was indeed worthy of esteem. He was concerned to exercise christian charity toward those who did not see things just as he did.  He was, when in health, a consistent attender of all our meetings.

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  1. Thank you for this biography. I’m curious about the origin of the name Aquilla because my fifth great grandfather Aquilla Brasier shares the same first name. Aquilla Brasier was born in St. George Parish, Harford, Maryland 18 July 1740 and christened 28 July 1740 at Sepsutia Chruch. He was listed in Colonial Soliders of the South (1732-1774) in the state of North Carolina. He moved to South Carolina and then to Christian Co., Kentucky c. 1797 where he died about 1825.

    • You are very welcome! I cannot be positive, but I notice while typing baptismal records that there are many saints’ names given – in this case, Saint Aquilla. Unusual saints’ names – and generally they are handed down in the family. Possibly they were later given a nickname.

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