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My Carrico Great-Grandparents

Benedict Joseph Napoleon Carrico and Melvina Ann Smith

It seems as if these two have fallen asleep in their chairs!  I don’t know if that was the case or the sun was simply in their eyes when the picture was taken!  Let me introduce my great-grandparents on my mom’s dad’s side of the family – Benedict Joseph Napoleon Carrico and Melvina Ann Smith.  Since he died in October of 1927, this picture was taken prior to that date, in Washington County, Kentucky.

There is a little confusion with the correct juxtapostion of his names.  My mother said he was called Joe B., but on his baptismal certificate he is listed as Benedict Joseph Napoleon Carrico.  Joe B. was the first son born after eight girls!  My how he was spoiled!  There were two more girls born before another son – so he was the one and only for quite awhile!  His parents were Pius and Mary Magdalene Spalding Carrico.

Melvina Ann Smith was born to John Edward and Ellen Lyons Smith in December of 1850 – their first child.  She was nine when her mother died September 5, 1859, after the birth of her fifth and last child, Mary Ellen.  In October of the next year John married Frances Harriet Carrico – the daughter of Pius and Mary Magdalene Spalding Carrico, and older sister of Benedict Joseph Napoleon Carrico.  Yes, his step-mother-in-law was also his sister – did I get that right?  It’s a confusing relationship!

Joe B. was a life-long farmer.  He and Melvina raised ten children – Hally, John Henry, Mary Belle, Francis Arthur, Catherine Jessie, Ann Josephine, Richard Fletcher, Joseph Rueben (my grandfather!), Helen Nora and Mary Abigail.  Joe B. and Melvina had at least 60 grandchildren – imagine the number of their descendants now!  All their children remained in Kentucky except one, Francis Arthur, who moved to Illinois.  By this point in time their descendants have moved throughout most of the country.  Life moves on very quickly.  Let’s always take the time to appreciate our life at each moment – celebrate it – and glory in the lives that went before us!

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  1. What a wonderful picture! I think maybe the sun was in their eyes. And she just looks like the sweetest grandma! Wouldn’t you love to just be able to spend one afternoon with them??

  2. That’s my third great-grand uncle =) (says never heard that term before.

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