Today In Genealogy History – October 17, 2011

Martha Ann Carrico Montgomery died 90 years ago – October 17, 1921 – in Washington County, Kentucky.  Martha was the daughter of Edward Carrico and Matilda Catherine Dillehay, born in 1839.  She was the wife of William Peter Montgomery.  William Peter and Martha had 10 children:  John Thomas, Robert E. Lee, Anna Laura, William Edward, Marcy C., Samuel Howard, Lilly, Charles Hampton, Frances B. and Sarah Isabelle.  Martha is buried in St. Dominic Cemetery.

2 thoughts on “Today In Genealogy History – October 17, 2011”

  1. I have Edward Greenberry Carrico and Matilda Catherin Dillehay in my database. I have added Martha as one of the children unless she is one and the same as named Martino. Do you have dates for Edward Greenberry Carrico and dates for the William Peter Montgomery that married Matilda. Here is what I have:
    Descendants of Edward Greenberry Carrico, 14-4-1-3
    1 [1] Edward Greenberry CARRICO, 14-4-1-3 b: Bet. 1818 – 1819 KY, Washington Co. d: Jan 1870 KY, Washington Co.
    .. +Matilda Catherine DILLEHAY, 1W b: 1811 KY, Washington Co. m: 24 Feb 1835 KY, Washington Co.
    2 Josephine CARRICO b: Abt. 1836 KY, Washington Co.
    2 Martina CARRICO b: Abt. 1838 KY, Washington Co.
    2 Lucetta Frances CARRICO b: Abt. 1841 KY, Washington Co.
    2 James Madison CARRICO b: 22 Mar 1844 KY, Washington Co.
    2 William Reason CARRICO b: 11 Jul 1846 KY, Washington Co.
    … +Sally SMITH b: Abt. 1846 m: 23 Jan 1877 KY, Washington Co.
    2 Robert Jefferson CARRICO b: 01 Jan 1849 KY, Washington Co.
    2 John Edward CARRICO b: 24 Sep 1851 KY, Washington Co.
    2 Martha CARRICO b: 1839 d: 17 Oct 1921

    *2nd Wife of [1] Edward Greenberry CARRICO, 14-4-1-3:
    .. +Susan BRADY, 2W b: Abt. 1810 m: Aft. 1851
    Thank you in advance for the updated information on this family.
    Dottie Porter Himes

    1. Martha probably is Martino – I’m not sure where that came from, unless it was the baptismal records – sometimes translating from the Latin to English gives different names. I love the middle name for Edward – Greenberry! Where did you find that?

      I have Edward Carrico born 1810 in Nelson County, KY.

      Martha was born October 26, 1839, and died October 17, 1921.
      William Peter Montgomery was born August 7, 1833, and died August 22, 1910. Both lived and died in Washington County.

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