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100 Years of Census Records for William Moran and Susan Linton and Descendants, 1820-1920

William Moran, Junior, was born 17 Feb 1774, the son of William Moran and Mary R. Barber.  He married Mary Barber 04 Apr 1795 in Charles County, Maryland.  William and Mary Moran had 4 children:  John Myvert, Martha, Elizabeth Lyon and Ann Rebecca Moran.  Mary Moran died before the family left Virginia for Kentucky.  William Moran, Junior, married Susan Linton, daughter of Captain John Linton and Ann Nancy Mason, 15 Mar 1812 in Washington County, Kentucky.  They had 5 children:  Susan Linton, Linton Lewis, Young William, Charles Fenton and Henry E. Moran.  The following are the census records for this family, beginning in Washington County, Kentucky.  Some of the family moved to Missouri.  William Moran, Junior, died 03 Jan 1838, and was buried in the Linton Cemetery in Washington County, Kentucky.  Susan Linton Moran died 1851-1860.

100 Years of Census Records for William Moran and Susan Linton and Descendants – 1820-1920


 William Moran:  4 males under 5, one male 45 and older, 1 female under five, 1 female 26 to 45


William Moran:  2 males 5-10, 2 males 10-15, 1 male 15-20, 1 male 50-60, 1 female under 5, 1 female 5-10, 1 female 15-20, 1 female 40-50


Susan Moran:  1 male 15-20, 3 male 20-30, 1 female 15-20, 1 female 40-50


Moran, Susan             63        VA

     Linten                    28        KY


Keen, Richard L.       41        VA      Farmer

     Susan L.                 25        KY

     Susan M.                  9        KY

     Charles W.              8        KY

     Letitia A.                6        KY

     James F.                  3        KY

(Susan Linton Moran, daughter of William and Susan Linton Moran, married Richard L. Keen.)



Keene, John L.           44        VA      Schoolteacher

     Rebecca                 35        VA

     Emila                     16        KY

     Richard                  14        KY

     Susan                     11        KY

     Martha                    8        KY

     John                         4        KY



Moran, Henry E.        34        KY       Farmer            500

     Nancy                    35        KY

     Susan C.                13        KY

     Charles F.              10        MO

     William Henry         8        MO

     John Linton             6        KY

     Martha Jane           4        MO



Moran, Young W.      32        KY       Farmer            640

     Susan M.                21        KY      

Linton, Lewis             54        VA      None

     Susan                     35        KY

     John                       25        KY       Laborer

     Mary A.                 16        KY

Moran, Susan               2        KY



Moran, C. F.               47        KY

     Mary                      33        KY

     Margaret               14        KY

     Joseph                   7         KY

     Thomas                  5         KY

     Franklin                 2         KY

Moran, Lynton           39        KY

     Sarah                     27        KY

     James L.                  1        KY


Keen, Richard            53        VA

     Susan                     36        KY

     Susan M.                20        KY

     Charles W.            18        KY

     Leticia                   16        KY

     Frank                     13        KY

     Milton                      9        KY

     Henry                      6        KY

     Bruce                       2        KY



Keene, John L.           59        VA      Teacher          500/0

     Emily                     27        KY       Teacher

     Martha                  17        KY

     John H.                  12        KY

     Redmon T.             10        KY



Linton, Louis              70        VA

     Sally                       63        KY

     John                       35        KY

Moran, Jos. W.          36        KY

     Susan                     34        KY

     Susan M.                12        KY

     Martha J.              10        MO

     John                         4        MO

     Charles L.               2        MO



Moran, L. L.               49        KY       Butcher

     Sarah                     38        KY

     James                    11        KY

     William                    7        KY

Purcell, Laura                        16


Keen, Richard            57        VA      Farmer

     Susan                     45        KY

     Mary                      28        KY

     Frank                     22        KY

     Letticia                  24        KY

     Henry                    15        KY

     Bruce                     14        KY

     Mattie                    11        KY

Linton, Frank             32        KY


Keen, Charles            28        KY       Farmer

     Milton                    15        KY       Laborer



Keen, William 56        VA      Farmer

     Elizabeth               67        VA

     John                       64        VA      School Teacher

     Redmon                 19        KY       Farm Hand

(John’s son, John H. Keen, living in Stoddard Co., MO, with Keen relatives.)



Moran, Young            50        KY       Farmer

     Susan                     45        KY

     Susan                     23        MO

     Martha                  21        MO

     John                       14        MO

     Charles                  12        MO

     Catherine                9        MO



Moran, Linton L.       58        KVV    Farmer

     Sarah J.                 46        KKK

     James L.                20        KKK

     William F.              17        KKK

     Susan M.                  7        KKK


Keen, Susan               56        KVV    wd

     Mary                      38        KVK    sgl

     Charles W.            36        KVK    sgl

     Letitia                    34        KVK    sgl

     Mattie                    17        KVK    sgl

Mudd, Patrick            11        KKK    sgl Black Servant


Keen, Frank J.           31        KVK    Farmer

     Florida B.               26        KKK   

     Annie M.                  4        KKK

     Dick J.                     3        KKK

     Susan M.                  1        KKK

Mudd, Jack                14        KKK    Mul. Farmer


Keen, Milton R.         28        KVK    Farmer

     Elizabeth A.          29        KKK

     Eddie                       3        KKK

     James                 4/12        KKK


Keen, Bruce               21        KVK    Farmer

     Henry                    29        KVK    Brother – Farm Laborer

Linton, Frank             39        KVK    Cousin – Cook



Moran, Susan H.        52        KY

     Susan M.                28        KY

     Martha J.              25        MO

     John H.                  23        MO

     Charles L.             21        MO

     Ann C.                   18        MO



Moran, William          37        5/1863             md 16  KKK

     Lula                       34        4/1866             3-2       KKK

     James S.                12        4/1888                         KKK

     Willie R.                  4        1/1896                         KKK

Hayden, James T.      75        9/1826             wd       KKK

(William is the son of Linton Lewis Moran and Sarah Rawlings.)


Moran, James            40        7/1859             md 11  KKK

     Kate                       28        5/1872             5-4       KKK

     Edward                    8        4/1892                         KKK

     Robert                     7        5/1893                         KKK

     Hubert                     3        7/1896                         KKK

     Margaret            7/12        10/1899                       KKK

(James is the son of Linton Lewis Moran and Sarah Rawlings.)


Keene, Susan L.         76        5/1824             wd       KVV

     Mary                      56        11/1843           sgl       KKK

     Letitia                    60        11/1839           sgl       KKK

     Henry                    49        ?/1851             sgl       KKK

     Bruce                     35        12/1864           sgl       KKK

     Mattie                    30        11/1869           sgl       KKK

Wright, Arthur           20        4/1880             sgl       KKK    Black – Servant


Keene, James             52        1/1848             md 26  KVK

     Belle                      47        4/1853             16-10   KKK

     Susie                      21        5/1879             sgl       KKK

     Francis                   18        10/1881           sgl       KKK

     Mary F.                  15        11/1884           sgl       KKK

     George P.              12        1/1888                         KKK

     Mary B.                 10        9/1889                         KKK

     Joseph C.                 9        4/1891                         KKK

     Ruthie                      5        9/1894                         KKK

     Mary S.                    4        3/1896                         KKK


Keene, Richard          48        1/1852             md 24  KVK

     Bettie                     50        1/1850             10-9     KKK

     James W.               20        3/1880             sgl       KKK

     Agnes R.                17        6/1882                         KKK

     Margaret M.         16        5/1884                         KKK

     Annie C.                14        4/1886                         KKK

     Charles J.              12        1/1888                         KKK

     Henry B.                10        10/1889                       KKK

     Mary A.                   5        5/1895                         KKK

     Mary M.                  5        5/1895                         KKK



Moran, William F.      46        1m       26y

     Lula T.                   49        1m       8-7

     James S.                22        sgl

     William R.             14


Moran, James L.        50        2m       22y

     Catherine E.          39        1m       5-4

     Edward C.             18

     Robert L.               16

     Herbert L.             13

     Margaret C.          10

Hall, China E.             71        wd       0-0       Companion


Keene, Milton            58        1m       36y

     Elizabeth               58        1m       10-8

     James                    29        sgl

     Maggie                  26        sgl

     Nannie                   24        sgl

     Charlie                   22        sgl

     Henry                    20        sgl

     May                       15        twin

     Mattie                    15        twin



Keene, Richard          68

     Elizabeth A.          70

     John A.                  39        sgl

     Margaret M.         35        sgl

     Annie E.                 33        sgl

     Mary M.                24        sgl

     Mary A.                 24        sgl

     Charles                  32        sgl

     Henry B.                32        sgl


Moran, James L.        60

     Kate                       48

     Herbert L.             22

Trigg, Ben                  43        Black – laborer


Moran, William R.     24

     Lula                       25


Moran, J. S.                31        Newspaper Pub.

     Margie                   30

     Maude Louise         4


Moran, Robert L.      26

     Katie C.                 20

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  1. Can you recheck when William Moran Sr. and Mary Barber married? You have 4-4-1795 Charles Co. MD but their son William Moran Jr. was b. 2-16-1774.
    Thanks once again for posting all this history.
    Dottie Porter Himes

  2. Phyllis, William Moran Sr. and Mary Barber married 4-4-1795 was listed on your 11-8-2011 page. see the following: Hope this helps you put your hands on it. 100 Years of Census Records for William Moran and Susan Linton and Descendants, 1820-1920 —–Posted on November 8, 2011 by Kentucky Kindred Genealogical Research|
    William Moran, Junior, was born 17 Feb 1774, the son of William Moran and Mary R. Barber. He married Mary Barber 04 Apr 1795 in Charles County, Maryland. William and Mary Moran had 4 children: John Myvert, Martha, Elizabeth Lyon and Ann Rebecca Moran. Mary Moran died before the family left Virginia for Kentucky. William Moran, Junior, married Susan Linton, daughter of Captain John Linton and Ann Nancy Mason, 15 Mar 1812 in Washington County, Kentucky. They had 5 children: Susan Linton, Linton Lewis, Young William, Charles Fenton and Henry E. Moran. The following are the census records for this family, beginning in Washington County, Kentucky. Some of the family moved to Missouri. William Moran, Junior, died 03 Jan 1838, and was buried in the Linton Cemetery in Washington County, Kentucky. Susan Linton Moran died 1851-1860.

    • Dottie, this family is very confusing since the father and son – both named William, senior and junior – both married a Mary Barber! The father, William Moran, Senior, married Mary Rebecca Barber, about 1770 in Charles County, Maryland.

      William Moran, Junior, married Mary Barber, April 4, 1795, in Charles County, Maryland.

      Let me know if you have any other questions!

  3. Thanks Phyllis, yes, that is very unusual and confusing for Father Wm Sr. and son William Jr. both to marry Mary Barber. Somehow I had that Wm. Moran Jr. was m. to Suan Linton, but I see that it is their daughters name, is Susan Linton Moran so I have Wm Moran Jr. wifes name to Mary Barber and Wm Sr. wifes name to Mary Rebecca Barber. Thanks for your help.
    So do I have it correct that William Moran Jr. was married to Mary Barber and his daughters name is Susan Linton Moran?? Thanks for all your help.
    Also please change my email address from to an easier address: Thanks

  4. And I thought the Porters were confusing. I am glad that I thought to ask if Susan Linton might have been the 2nd wife of William Moran Jr. That leads me to another question. Did he have any children by his first wife, Mary Barber since I have his first child as Susan Linton Moran, I would assume the list of children I have are for his 2nd wife? I could be wrong. Do you have an email address that I could write to you, and we can discuss this a little more. Thanks Dottie Porter Himes .

  5. I can not believe my eyes!!!! I am a decendent of Henry E Moran from Missouri and would love to be involved with all of this family information that is being shared. I live in Jefferson City, Mo. My dad is the grandson of Henry Lewis Moran from St Clair Co, Lowry City, Mo. I have recently come across some Morans’s that are decendents of Thomas Linton Moran that live in and around Boise, Idaho. Please contact m back. My name is Joy, my maiden name is Daugherty and my dad’s mom was Florence Edna Moran Daugherty, daughter of Henry L. and Olive Walker Moran. I was searching to see if I could find where William Henry was buried and across your site. I can not tell you how exciting this is for me. Thank you so much, Joy

    • How exciting, Joy! It makes my day when someone finds a long lost relative on my site! What particular information do you need? Many of the group that came to Kentucky with Captain John Linton – children, grandchildren and other relatives, eventually moved on to Missouri – in the 1840/1850’s. Sometimes the move was a success, sometimes the move was a tragedy and those left moved back to Kentucky to be with family and familiar surroundings. You, too, are a descendant of the Captain, through his daughter Susan who married William Moran, Jr. William is buried in the Linton cemetery in Washington County, KY, next to Captain John. I would love to have more information on Henry E. and Nancy’s children – that’s where my information stops.

  6. I too am a descendant of Henry E Moran. My G-G-Grandfather was Thomas Lenton Moran who lived in Boise Idaho. Thank you so much for finding and sharing all this information. —Katie White; Pullman, WA

    • Katie, Oh What a wonderful day!!! Thank you so much for responding to Phyllis’ information otherwise I would not know you. My lenage comes directly from Henry E Moran down to my dad. We have so much to write about. My dad’s mom is Florence Edna Moran Daugherty, she is the oldest daughter to Henry Lewis Moran and Olive Serrene Walker Moran. Henry E married Nancy Brown who along with her sisters came to Mo from Ky. She is buried in Landacker Cemetery, St Clair Co, Mo but Henry and their son, William Henry are not buried with them. I have no idea where they are buried. William Henry and William Jr are not the same person. William Henry is the father to Thomas L Moran, along with Susan, Martha, and Henry L and Albert. All of them are buried in Boise except William Henry and Susan. Henry and his wife Nancy died before 1859 as I have copies of court records showing that Susan and her husband, William Goforthwere given custody of the younger siblings and are buried in Montrose, Henry Co, Mo. I know that I am rambling on and on but this is so exciting to find another decendent. Anyways, Nancy and Henry came to Mo along with 9 of her sisters. She had one brother and the rest were girls. They came from Ky and I think traveled the rivers, some stayed in Cape Girardeau, Mo and some traveled onto St Louis, Mo. Henry and Nancy traveled, I think the Osage, stopping in Warsaw, Mo and then onto St Clair Co. Family legend has it that he was a fur trapper and that they brought with them slaves from Ky and turned them lose around Montrose and Appleton City. The Osage flows through Osceola Mo where Susan Moran, their daughter, met and married William P Goforth from Osceola. If you google William Goforth you find a wonderful article about him. They are buried in the Laurel Oak Cemetery Montrose Mo. I have tons of information on the Moran’s if you want to share. I can also tell you that the orginial homestead property where Henry E and Nancy built their home is not far from Landacker Cemetery where most of the graves belong to ancestors of ours. Please write back and send me your address so that we can share information. How are you related to Henry Moran and Jim Allen? Henry and Ardth came back to Mo this past Memorial Day and I took them to all of the family sites in St Clair Co/Lowry City, Mo and stopped by to meet my aunt, June, dad’s oldest sister at the nursing home in Lowry City and then onto Landacher having a picnic with Lois and her daughter, Jeanie and her husband Dennis. Lois passed away in Dec so as far as my family goes it is only my dad and June left out of 8 first cousins who all grew up as brothers and sisters in Lowry City. Their parents were the four children of Henry L and Olive S Moran. Please keep in touch. My mom is from Oak Harbor, Wa. Small world!!!

      • Joy,
        So sorry I haven’t replied. Life got busy (kids, new house, etc.) I really don’t know much about the Moran side of the family. My GGGrandfather Thomas was a pretty well known farmer in the Treasure Valley (Boise area). His wife was Ida Beasley. Their daughter Mary was my Great Grandma and she was married to George Kinzer. Their only daughter was my Grandma Albertine (she was named after a friend of George’s in France in WW1) Sadly she died of cancer in 2000. Please feel free to email me. My address is

      • I have so much on the Moran’s. My dad’s first cousin, Don Moran, son to David and Nora Moran has three sons, one of the three sons has two sons and one of them has a son and that makes 8 generations of Moran’s that have lived and continue to live in St Clair Co, Mo since the Moran’s moved to the county in 1850’s. The orginial homestead is not far from where the Moran’s live today. Lots and lots of history including the burning of Osceola down by the bushwackers/jay hawk. I wish that we could get together and share, I really have a lot. Maybe I can scan things to you.

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