Family Stories

Deed, Patrick Frail and Mary Russell Frail

Prince William County, Virginia

Deed Book D

pp. 241-246

October 31, 1739.  Patrick Frail of the Parish of Hamilton and County of Prince William, Planter, and Mary Frail, his wife, daughter of Nathaniel Russell, late of said county, Planter, deceased, and Nathaniel Russell of same, Planter, son of Nathaniel Russell, to Richard Blackburn of same, Gentleman.  Whereas the Proprietors Office by their deed dated January 15, 1724, grant unto Nathaniel Russell, deceased, 130 acres on Bull Run below a tract surveyed for the Honorable Robert Carter, Esquire, opposite to the mouth of Rocky Run and the Proprietors Office grant on November 12, 1725, a tract of 280 acres on the north side of Bull Run, about a mile above the mouth of the Little Rock Run; whereas Nathaniel Russell, by his last will dated August 16, 1734, did give and devise to Jacob Gibson and to Jane Gibson his wife, all that part of his land that lies on the south side of Bull Run below the Mill Branch during their two lives and after their decease to his daughter, Mary Russell, together with the remainder of his land on the south side to be equally divided between his daughter Mary Russell and Jacob Gibson.  Also, by his will left his tract on the north side of Bull Run to pay his debts, if not to his daughter Mary Russell.  The said Jacob Gibson is also dead, after whose death the said Patrick Frail and Mary his wife entered into the court, the said lands were seized.  Whereas the said Richard Blackburn at court March 27, last recovered against Patrick Frail 160 pounds of tobacco for debt and 191 pounds of tobacco, 15 shillings, or 150 pounds of tobacco for costs, and the sheriff returned an attachment issued against the goods and chattels and lands of the said Patrick Frail in the said cause, that he had by virture attached the lands of Patrick Frail.  65 acres of land, being moiety of 130 acres, it was by the court then considered that same should be sold and put towards satisfaction of the said debt.  Afterwards, on June 6 past, set up to sale by auction, Richard Blackburn being highest bidder the said Richard Osborne on June 21st last, and for 1367 pounds of tobacco, conveyed unto Richard Blackburn 65 acres.  Whereas Richard Blackburn requested Patrick Frail and Mary Frail, his wife, with knowledge of Nathaniel Russell, paid the sum of 100 pounds sterling towards payment of debts of Nathaniel Russell, deceased.  Patrick Frail and Mary his wife, by deeds of lease and release grant unto Richard Blackburn on July 23 last, two tracts, 130 acres and 280 acres.

                          Patrick Frail, Mary Frail, Nathaniel Russell

Witnesses:  William Elliott, Charles O’Neal, Elizabeth Ashton, Alexander Bell.  Present at Mary and Patrick Frail’s signing:  Thomas Dagg, William Elliott, Benjamin Newton.  Received 5 shillings sterling.

At a Court for Prince William County November 27, 1739, this deed with receipt was proved.

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