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Today In Genealogy History – March 10, 2012

John E. Smith was born 182 years ago – March 10, 1830 – in Marion County, Kentucky.  John was the son of Samuel E. Smith and Nancy Cusick.  John married Ellen Lyons about 1849.  They had 5 children:  Melvina Ann, Mary Isabella, Thomas Henry, John Richard and Mary Ellen Smith.  Ellen died in 1859.  For his second wife John married  France Harriet Carrico.  They had 7 children:  James, Mary Catherine, Ann Elizabeth, George Robert, Cecilia Jane, George Washington and Victoria Mary Jane Smith.  Although born in Marion County, John lived most of his life in Washington County, Kentucky.

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  1. Once again so many of your postings connect with my family. John E. Smith and Ellen Lyons are your great great grandparents. I have their dauthter Melvina Ann Smith in my database wife of Joseph Benedict Napoleon Carrico. (Carricos connects with my Porter Family) I am trying to find the rest of your ancestors, that is how John E. Smith is your great great grandfather. Can you send his descendants down to your parents or email me personally. You always send a wealth of information, and I am trying to connect with them. In addition your posting of Isiah Hill and Lydia Ross was marvelous. I should be able to connect with him too as I have numerous Hills but do not know who is descendants are. I would appreciate your help. Thanks in advance Dottie Porter Himes

    • I descend from Melvina Ann Smith who married Joseph Benedict Napoleon Carrico – their son Joseph Rueben Carrico married Mary Alice Montgomery – they are my grandparents. Their daughter, Catherine Lyons Carrico, is my mother. Glad you enjoyed the post about the Hill’s – there will be several more in the next few days.

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