St. Rose Catholic Church Cemetery

St. Rose Church is located in Washington County, Kentucky.  Begun in 1806, and named for St. Rose of Lima, the church was finished two years later.  It still thrives in its farming community.

My mother has experienced all the important days of her life in this church – her baptism, First Communion, Confirmation and marriage.  I’ve been there many times, not only to photograph the gravestones, but also with my grandmother when a little girl.

Francis Austin Mudd, 29 Oct 1808 – 19 May 1876

Edward Thompson, 26 Nov 1800 – 10 Apr 1886

Nancy Clark, died April 13, 1900, Age 60 Years

Stephen Smith, 22 Dec 1802 – 16 Jul 1867

Some stones are in bad shape, as you can see in this photo – and some are almost covered, as seen in the next photo.  Some stones are no longer in their place at the cemetery – I do not know why they have been removed.  This is why I am so interested in photographing as many gravestones as I can.

William T. Yates

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  1. Great pictures, my mother Mary Elizabeth (Young) 1903-1993 was baptized at St. Rose. Mary Eliz was the wife of Guy Henry Porter 1903-1969. Love the tombstone pictures. I have seen William T. Yates before. Can you send info on the parents of the tombstones that you sent. I am having a problem connecting them. Thanks in advance for your help.

  2. Looking for kin of Stephen A Smith or his son , Andrew J. Smith. Andrew moved to Parker Co, TX after a few yrs of marriage to a Mary
    Please any info. They lived in Washington co .

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