What A Surprise!

The last time Ritchey and I visited the Linton Cemetery in Washington County, Kentucky, it looked like this – so overgrown, if you didn’t know there was a cemetery under all the weeds and bushes, you would never know it was there.

Standing next to Captain John Linton’s stone, the weeds are far above my head!  We took another adventure today and this is what we saw:

What a difference!  Someone has performed a miracle!  A small church has been built fairly close to the cemetery – this is a shot of the side of the cemetery – the church was to my right when this photo was taken.  Perhaps the church members are the angels who have cleared the debris?  Whoever is responsible I thank you with all my heart!

All the stones are still there!  Those of William and Eliza Linton are flat on the ground – would love to get those standing upright – perhaps that can be accomplished on another trip!

Nothing in the way today when standing next to my gr-gr-gr-great-grandfather’s gravestone!

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  1. Yes, a miracle, and it was really great to see that someone stepped up and took care of the cemetery. Thanks for sharing. Dottie Porter Himes

  2. Hi cousin Phyllis – Many thanks to you and Ritchey for checking on the Linton cemetery and posting the pics on your blog. (And thanks for your blog, and all your work on our ancestry.) btw, you’re still looking very young! Best wishes to you and Ritchey and to all the Linton cousins.
    Richard Linton, Katy, TX

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