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Another newsy column from the Valley Hill area of Washington County, Kentucky.  William F. Moran and James L. Moran are brothers, sons of Linton Lewis Moran and Sarah J. Rawlings.  James married Katie E. Janes, daughter of Nathan Janes and Susan Goatley (I’m sure she’s related to the Goatley’s mentioned in the article).  William married Louise Haydon.

from The News Leader

Washington County, Springfield, Kentucky

Thursday, April 21, 1904

Valley Hill

The few warm days of last week caused the farmers to wear smiles that won’t come off, if they continue.

Mrs. Tom Baker and daughters, Misses Susie and Bertha, of Willisburg, visited relatives of this place last week.

Hark Shehan, of the Grove neighborhood, visited Jeff Goatley Saturday night and Sunday.

W. F. Moran and wife spent Sunday at the home of Hughey Goatley.

Joe Hagan of your town was in our midst Sunday.

Mr. George Wharton and Miss Bettie Irvine were in our midst Friday afternoon.

Mrs. J. L. Moran visited her brother, Edward Janes, of near your town Sunday.

There seems to be a great attraction in the Willisburg neighborhood for two or three of our young citizens.  What’s the attraction boys?

The farmers have all sown their oats in this vicinity, and according to the quantity sown there will be a very large crop this year.

One evening last week while Mrs. W. E. Elliott was out in the field where Mr. Elliott was at work, some one went into their meat house and took a fine ham.  This was a good haul for the rogue, but if some one does not watch he will find more buckshot than he needs in his business.  Keep your meat house locked.

Edward Goatley and Bros. have recently purchased a fine jack from Tom Mulligan for which they paid $200.

J. L. Moran killed a large hawk last week, measuring 4 feet and 7 inches from tip to tip.  He will stuff the bird as it is a good specimen.

Mrs. Richard Boblett and daughter Miss Nannie, of Springfield, visited Mrs. Tom Reed Monday.

Conrad Hertlein purchased of W. F. Moran about 500 bundles of oats for which he paid 3 cents per bundle.

James Moran delivered 487 bundles of oats to L. M. Walker Monday at 3 cents.

The youngest daughter of T. C. Tatum is quite ill at this writing.

Any thoughts?

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