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How Many Washington County, Kentucky, Marriages Do You Need?

100 Years of Washington County Marriages

My newest CD – 100 Years of Washington County Marriages – is almost finished.  The example above is one page of 226 – at this moment – I’m still typing!  There are at now 6,139 marriages in my database.  I don’t know how many total records there will be, but it will be a super help for anyone trying to find a marriage record from Washington County, Kentucky.

I’ve chosen this format for all of my CDs for several reasons.  If I have them all in a seven column, Excel spreadsheet format, I can easily put information together (you do not see the seventh column on the right – which says ‘Marriage’ – because it wouldn’t fit on the page when printed).  In doing this I can combine records from a single county – marriage, baptismal, cemetery, death, etc., – or can combine various counties together – marriage records from all of Kentucky!  I could also put together a CD of information for one particular family – such as the Montgomery family!  I’m very excited about the possibilities!

An Excel spreadsheet is easily sorted in many ways.  This file can be sorted by year, last name of groom, last name of bride or date of marriage.  The example above is sorted by year, then by last name of groom.  And as an Excel spreadsheet you can do a search for a particular name.

I’ll keep you updated as I get closer to a publication date!  I hope this will help you find many of those Washington County marriages that have been so elusive!

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