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News From the County – September 22, 1904

from The News-Leader, Springfield, Kentucky

News From the County

September 22, 1904


A good rain fell last Sunday, which was so badly needed in this section.

Mrs. Lula Walker and two daughters, Misses Catherine and Thelma, have returned to Louisville after a pleasant visit to friends here.

Miss Fay Lydanne has returned home from a month’s visit to friends in Louisville.

Mr. Zack Crow shipped a car load of horses from Booker last Monday.  There was also a mixed load of stock shipped the same day.

There have been four carloads of coal unloaded at Booker during the past week.

Mrs. Etta Wofford of Chaplin was the guest of Mrs. Let Stevenson the past week.

Several from here attended the picnic at Frederickstown last Saturday.

Miss Sallie Montgomery visited her sister, Mrs. Kent Smith, at Frederickstown from Saturday until Monday and attended the picnic.

Land trades are all the go.  Mr. James Tobin has bought a farm from Mr. Ben McMakin, known as the Ben Pile farm, containing 408 acres, at $34 per acre.  Possession given January 1, 1905.

Mr. W. H. Yancey bought of D. L. Humphrey the Abe Thomas farm containing about 80 acres at $50 per acre.  He also bought of William Sweeney about 45 acres, price unknown.

Jetson Lydanne is out again after a severe attack of typhoid fever.

Mrs. Nannie Weekly has returned home after visiting Mrs. James Farnsworth and Mrs. Richard Shumate of Nelson County.

Mrs. Malvina Norman and daughter, Miss Alice Norman, of Latonia, Kentucky, visited Mr. John Stevenson last week.

Mr. Ed Pile and Miss Mary Bell Hirsch were married at the home of the bride, Judge Frank Daugherty of Bardstown performing the ceremony.

Aunt Hannah Curtsinger is very ill at this writing.

Miss Dana Royalty is in a critical condition in Louisville, where she went to have an operation performed for appendicitis.  Nearly all of the family are with her.  It is to be hoped that she may recover.

Arthur Eddleman went to Louisville last week to lay in his fall stock of goods.

Mesdames Jeff Smith, Susan M. Hendren, May Grigsby, Eliza Moore, W. O. Ellis and daughter all dined at Mrs. I. N. Curtsinger’s Wednesday.

Mr. and Mrs. Jeff Smith gave a birthday dinner September 13, in honor of Mrs. Jeff Smith.  She was born in 1834.  Although being three score and ten, she is a cheerful old lady and looks to celebrate many more birthdays.  There was a large crowd present, all of her children being at home except two sons.  They had a bountiful dinner and it was much enjoyed by all present.  Mr. and Mrs. Smith and their daughter Miss Maggie know how to entertain in royal style, and their home is known for its hospitality.  After a prayer by Rev. Maxwell of Chaplin, all the guests departed wishing they could spend another such day; and also wishing Mrs. Smith many more such birthdays.

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  1. Mr. Pile married Miss Mary Bell Hirsch not May Bell. I’m the great-daughter of Mr & Mrs Pile.

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