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Bishop Family of Nelson County, Kentucky

Solomon Bishop, born about 1755, a veteran of the American Revolution, probably came to Nelson County, Kentucky, from Washington County, Virginia, where his father-in-law, Jacob Iler, is also found.  There Solomon and Caty are found in two deeds in 1798, and in the same year Jacob Iler wrote his will of August 21 (Washington County Virginia Will Book 2, page 178), mentioning sons Daniel Iler and John Iler and daughter Caty, wife of Solomon Bishop.  He had served in the war under Marquis Calmes of Woodford County, who supported in writing Solomon’s application for a war pension.  Their daughters married into the Wilkinson, Dodson and Marks families.  Early deeds indicate that Solomon settled on Simpson Creek, but some branches of his descendants moved into Washington County.

Solomon Bishop made a deposition in Nelson County, Kentucky, November 28, 1833, in behalf of Elisha Bishop of Henry County, Kentucky, stating the he (Solomon) was a resident of Nelson County and was 77 years of age, that he was a brother of said Elisha Bishop and that “he and his said brother lived in Berkeley County, Virginia” when they entered the service.  He died in Nelson County, on December 12, 1834.


  1. John Bishop, born 1784-94, Frederick County, Virginia, died by 1824, married January 15, 1805, Nelson County, Kentucky, Susannah Mills, daughter of James Mills.  She married (2) in 1826, John W. Dodson.
  2. Daniel Bishop, son of Solomon, married February 26, 1818, Nelson County, Kentucky, Alice Wilkinson, daughter of George Wilkinson.
  3. Jacob Bishop married October 22, 1814, Nelson County, Kentucky, Betsy Elliott, daughter of Benjamin.
  4. Polly Bishop, daughter of Solomon, married October 27, 1814, Nelson County, Kentucky, Wesley Dodson.
  5. Sally Bishop, daughter of Solomon, married December 18, 1805, Nelson County, Kentucky, Isaac Dodson.
  6. Mary Ann Bishop, daughter of Solomon, married January 21, 1832, Nelson County, Kentucky, Benjamin Marks.
  7. Betsey Bishop, daughter of Solomon, married June 17, 1821, Isaac Marks.
  8. Thomas Bishop, born before 1784, probably in Frederick County, Virginia, married January 30, 1805, Nelson County, Kentucky, Penelope King, daughter of William King.
  9. Solomon Bishop married August 16, 1818, Nelson County, Kentucky, Margaret Harrell, daughter of James Harrell.

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  1. We are still in the areas of Mercer, Boyle, and Washington. Thank you for posting this. I am in the process of working on my DAR application. I am so proud of the Bishop history. 🙂

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