Belle Nooe Obituary

from The Harrodsburg Herald, Mercer County, Kentucky

Thursday, September 25, 1902

A sad and distressing death was that of Mrs. Belle Nooe, wife of Mr. J. B. Nooe, last Thursday morning.  She had been complaining for several days, but was not thought to be seriously ill, and the morning of her death her husband had gone to the country, at her request, to make the final arrangements for moving to their farm on the Bellows Mill Pike.  A short while afterward, one of the neighbors dropped in for a few moments and she seemed very bright and insisted that she did not need any one to stay with her, but when the neighbor returned in about a half hour, she was dead.  The physicians said death had been instantaneous and without suffering.  The funeral occurred Saturday morning at ten o’clock, conducted by Rev. M. G. Buckner.  The deceased has been for many years a devoted member of the Christian Church and many are the kind and generous deeds left with her memory.  She left no children, but the bereaved husband has the sympathy of the community.

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