English Family Plot – Crown Hill Cemetery, Indianapolis


These photos were taken in Crown Hill Cemetery, Indianapolis, in October.  This is the very lovely – and very tall! – grave stone for the English family.  William Eastin English was a soldier, author and statesman.  He fought in the Spanish American War and was elected as a State Senator for Indiana for several terms.  William was born November 3, 1850 and died April 29, 1926.  He was married twice, first to Annie Josephine Desmond Fox, who lived only five years.  He married Helen Orr Phaff in 1898, with whom he had one daughter, Rosalind Orr English.


This beloved daughter died in her 21st year – how the parents must have suffered.  Rosalind, who was named for her father’s sister, was born March 10, 1903 and died December 22, 1924.  The epitaph on the stone reads, “Rosalind Orr English, only child of William E. English and Helen Orr English, taken at the age of 21 years in the flower and beauty of her youth, and on the threshold of a brilliant career, a political public speaker before her majority, an attorney, admitted to the bar on her 21st birthday, a writer of poems at 8 and at the age of 11 she wrote these words, so fittingly quoted here:  ‘Sleep and rest, sleep and rest, mourned by those who loved thee best, while holy angels guard and keep, sleep my baby, sleep.’  A short life measured by years, but a long life measured by accomplishments.”


The parents of William Eastin English were William Hayden English, born August 27, 1822, died February 7, 1896, and Emma Mardulla Jackson, born February 6, 1823, died November 14, 1877.


William Eastin English’s grandparents were Elisha Gale English, born March 23, 1798, died November 14, 1874, and Mahala Eastin, born March 2, 1799, died June 3, 1882.


William Eastin English had but one sibling, a sister, Rosalind English, who married Dr. Willoughby Walling.  Rosalind was born 1848, died 1930.


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