Harry J. Keys – Victim of the Maine, U.S.N.


Who doesn’t recall the history lesson of the Spanish American War and the cry, “Remember the Maine!”  Harry J. Keys was on that ship and was a casualty of the war.  On February 15, 1898, the battleship Maine exploded, killing 266 men.  Harry was on board – listed as an ordinary seaman – but he gave his life for his country that day!  A true American hero.  A monument was raised to the victims in Havana, Cuba, in 1925.  It remains there today.

This stone is located in Crown Hill Cemetery in Indianapolis.  As for the photo above I’m not sure why the name Turner is at the bottom of the stone.  Does anyone know anything about this family?  The only thing I could find for a Harry Keys born in 1876, was an 1880 census for Vigo County, Indiana.  It lists father Henry, 27, mother Gilda (Tilda) 28, Harry 4, Andrew, 78, and Fannie 78 – parents or grandparents of the father.  I cannot say positively this is our Harry.

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  1. I don’t know relationship but he us buried on a lot owned by a Turner family. If you were there you probably noticed Harry also had a small headstone in the lot amongst others with the last name Turner. I have also seen Harry’s name in. A photo of a stained glass window in a Indpls church that has since been torn down.

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