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Lost and Found Photos

Lost and Found Photos


I have for you today four photos found in antique stores.  The first is of a lovely young lady that looks as if she just graduated from school.  She holds what could be her diploma and a bouquet of flowers.  Notice the large bow in her hair and her white dress.  Her shoes, along with the rest of the outfit, lead me to believe this photo was made in the 1920′s – what do you think?  The photo was taken at The Central Studio, 577 Eighth Avenue, New York.


This next photo has Aunt Maude and William Newton written on the back.  I suppose this is a married couple – although why didn’t they say Uncle William?  The photo was taken at Elate Studio, 302 E. Broadway, Richmond, Virginia.


This woman is rather somberly dressed – except for the beautiful pin she wears on her collar.  This photo was taken by Campbell in Mansfield, Ohio.


And finally we have a very studious looking young man.  Unfortunately there is no name, but the photo was taken by Purdy’s at 145 Tremont Street, Boston, Massachuestts.  Do you recognize any of these people?

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