Spring Hill Cemetery, Mercer County, Kentucky


Today I am sharing photos of some of the older stones in Spring Hill Cemetery in Harrodsburg, Mercer County, Kentucky.  I only know the information on each stone – there are no obituaries that go back this far.  Spring Hill is a beautiful cemetery – if you are close enough stop by!

Isaac Nelson Keas, born July 29, 1827, died February 8, 1850


Catherine, wife of O. P. Reese, born August 10, 1821, died September 9, 1848


John Curry, born in 1800, died in 1869

Dianna W. Curry, born in 1801, died in 1877


Mary E. S. Rhoton, wife to Henry L. Bonta, Jr., March 17, 1847 – June 13, 1883


J. W. Britton, March 24, 1840 – March 7, 1923

Sarah E., his wife, February 5, 183 – December 3, 1928

Any thoughts?

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