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Today In Genealogy History – February 1

Wedding Bells Ring Today!!!!

Washington County, Kentucky

William Burtles married Sarah Ogdin 01 Feb 1806
John Ferrell married Eleanor Blair 01 Feb 1815
Benjamin Mattingly married Susanna Graves 01 Feb 1815
Francis Wheatley married Elizabeth Scott 01 Feb 1819
John M. Robertson married Julia A. Seibert 01 Feb 1830
John M. Graham married Jane Purdy 01 Feb 1832
William McElroy married Mrs. Priscilla Riney 01 Feb 1836
Silas R. Stout married Mary Ann Lambert 01 Feb 1847
Marion Bond married Lilly J. Yocum 01 Feb 1849
Bentley Frowman married Frances Creager 01 Feb 1849
Thomas J. Medley married Elizabeth Osbourn 01 Feb 1850
Richard W. Wright married Angeline E. Moore 01 Feb 1853
W. E. Gardner married Sophia Phelps 01 Feb 1857
Wesley F. Auberry married Mary L. Yates 01 Feb 1858
Nelson Gardner married Mrs. Letitia H. Phelps 01 Feb 1859
Edward G. McIntire married Rosa Jane Fowler 01 Feb 1859
Jesse R. Darnell married Sarah Robinson 01 Feb 1863
Henry H. Dean married Josephine Brown 01 Feb 1866
J. H. Hagan married Sarah E. Kimberlain 01 Feb 1870
Joseph B. Shirley married Laura B. Crouch 01 Feb 1879
James W. Boswell married Lucretia Smith 01 Feb 1881
William Hundley married Emily Rose Osbourn 01 Feb 1887
Richard N. Vowels married Mary F. Mitchell 01 Feb 1888

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  1. Glad to receive this, I had been looking for :
    Edward G. McIntire married Rosa Jane Fowler 01 Feb 1859
    Again, glad to see the list!

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