Family Stories

Newspaper Tidbits For the Welsh Family of Mount Vernon, Kentucky

John Welsh, born Galway, Ireland, April 1, 1826, departed this life April 2, 1871

John Welsh, born Galway, Ireland, April 1, 1826, departed this life April 2, 1871

John Welsh, born April 1, 1826, in Galway, Ireland, and Sarah Hollern, born January 12, 1826, also in Galway, were married before 1854, as their first child, a daughter, Bridgett was born there in 1854.  The couple came to the United States to make their home.  Three of their children, Catherine, Richard and Patrick, were born in South Tunnel, Tennesse; and the last child, John T., was born in Mount Vernon, Rockcastle County, Kentucky.  The following are a few notices taken from the Mount Vernon Signal concerning the family.

The Mount Vernon Signal, Friday, October 17, 1902

John Leslie Welsh – Last Saturday in Louisville, John L. Welsh, the 8 year old son of Pat Welsh, was crushed to death by a car.  The little fellow was playing under some cars on the siding near his father’s residence and had gone under a car, when a switch engine backed against it.  The child made an effort to crawl from under the car but was too late.  The wheels passed over his body, cutting it almost in two.  John L. was an exceptionally bright child and his untimely death is a sad blow to his parents who have the deep sympathy of our people.  The boy was named for his grandfather, John Welsh, and Leslie Keeley, the famous Keeley care man.

Mrs. R. A. Welsh and children went to Louisville Sunday to attend the burial of John L. Welsh.

 The Mount Vernon Signal, Friday, May 19, 1904

Mrs. Patrick Welsh and little son, Richard, are here from Louisville visiting the family of Richard A. Welsh and for improvement of her broken health.

The Mount Vernon Signal, Friday, May 9, 1905

Mrs. Ellen Welsh was called here Tuesday from Louisville, on account of the serious illness of her little son, Richard, who was badly injured.

Little Richard Welsh, son of Pat Welsh, stepped in a bed of hot embers a few nights since, burning severely both legs to his knees.  The Doctor says that it is very probable that it will make a cripple of him.

 The Mount Vernon Signal, Friday, April 27, 1906

A. P. Furnish and R. A. Welsh have leased from W. M. McHargue the mineral rights on his farm near Pine Hill for a period of three years, with a privilege of a longer term if desired.  The object which they have in view is to ship fire-clay which is there in abundance and of a superior quality.  There is an average of one car per day being shipped from there at this time to Louisville concerns, while the demand is for all that can be gotten out.  Messrs. Furnish and Welsh were at Pine Hill Wednesday, having the route for their tramway surveyed which will be 450 feet long.  The vein of sand is 5 ½ feet thick and it is estimated that one man can mine from ten to twelve tons per day.

The Mount Vernon Signal, Friday, July 29, 1921

Mr. R. A. Welsh died Monday, July 25, at his home on West Main Street, after an illness of six months.  His burial took place in Elmwood Cemetery, Wednesday afternoon.  Funeral services were conducted at the grave by Father Schulte of Richmond, Kentucky.  Mr. Welsh was born in South Tunnel, Tennessee, 58 years ago.  July 26, 1921 would have been his 29th wedding anniversary.  He married Miss Celia Dolan of Pine Hill, Kentucky, and lived practically all of his married life in Mount Vernon.

Mr. Welsh was in the employ of the W. J. Sparks Company for the past 24 years.  He was efficient and faithful in the performance of his duties, and was well liked by all who came in contact with him.  He was a Maccabee and a member of the Catholic Church.  He is survived by his wife, three daughters, Mrs. Matthew Finzel, of Stanford, Misses Marguerite and Katherine Welsh; a brother, Mr. John Welsh of Columbus, Ohio and two sisters, Mrs. J. R. Vowels, of Middlesboro, and Mrs. W. F. Linton of Louisville.

Those who attended the funeral from out of town were Mrs. J. F. Vowels, Mrs. J. W. Caswell, Mrs. W. F. Linton, Mrs. Jake Hollen, Misses Rose and Madge Dolan of Louisville, Mr. and Mrs. M. P. Finzel and Mr. Robert Finzel, of Stanford, and Mr. and Mrs. John Hilton of Pine Hill.

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